I first began using Keith Bowers Jr. & Associates services in 2003 for my clients real estate closings. Because of his professionalism, work ethic and honesty, I have continued to use Keith Bowers Jr. & Associates not only for my real estate clients, but also for my personal services in both my uncontested divorce and most recently to settle my mother's estate.

I will say that when Keith Bowers took on the county attorney position in Carter County I was worried his level of attention would drop of to my real estate clients, however I have actually found that with his well trained staff my work now seems to get done not only quicker than before, but more accurately than any other firms I work with. So don't be scared off thinking that Keith's firm cannot handle your small needs as well.

I will comment that I have referred several people to Keith Bowers Jr. & Associates in the past. Not only for real estate work, but for probate and estates, wills and divorces and have never had a single complaint come back to me from my "friends" I have sent there.

The addition of Tara Thomas to Keith Bowers Jr. & Associates has also been a welcomed blessing. Her knowledge of child custody, divorce and North Carolina law have now made her my #2 recommended attorney in the area.

As recent as this past year as an additional note, I know a former neighbor of mine who had used Keith for his real estate purchase was very complimentary of a return trip to Keith to do an adoption. While I've never worked directly with Mr. Bowers on adoptions, I have heard by 3 different people that he is exceptional in this line of work and that it may indeed be his most qualified field.

So if you want to deal with a firm that will get your work done and stay with you until your work is done and not stick you with left over pieces, then I strongly recommend Keith Bowers Jr. & Associates.

I can be reached at (423) 773-5569 if you would like more direct information on this review.

Josh Woods

Jim Woods Realty Company