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Julie Elizabeth Moya

About Julie Moya

About me

Julie Moya is a former Assistant State Attorney for Miami-Dade County. As an Assistant State Attorney, she was responsible for hundreds of cases, and co-lead prosecution in two courtrooms. Ms. Moya also ran a solo criminal defense practice in Chattanooga, Tennessee, before joining the office of Eric Buchanan and Associates. In law school, Ms. Moya was one of the few students to complete three student legal practice programs at the University of Tennessee College of Law. She worked in the Pro-Bono Clinic, Domestic Violence Clinic, and as a Kolwyck Public Interest Fellow in the capacity of an Assistant District Attorney. Ms. Moya also competed in the Advocates Prize and Jenkins Prize Competitions, which include trial work, appellate briefs, and appellate argument. Ms. Moya also has an extensive list of internships from institutional development to the Office of a United States Senate Majority Leader.