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Brent Owen Horst

Brent Horst’s client reviews

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  • One very experienced defense attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Gary, criminal defense client

    I lived out of state and faced false allegation charges in the Nashville area. My wife and I secured an attorney in the Nashville area who had been referred to us by a local attorney in the city in which we reside. We released him after several months of his inattention to my case. After much research and several interviews we retained Mr. Brent Horst. That decision was based on his answers to our questions in the comfort and quiet surroundings of his office. Mr. Horst quickly instilled confidence in our decision.
    He listened intently as we discussed the events leading to the charges against me never once questioning my innocence. After we returned home Mr. Horst communicated regularly with pertinent information and actions he was taking as he worked my case. After two years of delays due to factors beyond Mr. Horst's control my case was resolved favorably.
    My wife and I owe Mr. Horst a debt of gratitude for relieving us of the terrible anguish that lay before us. I would recommend the services of Mr. Brent Horst to anyone needing a strong, confident, knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense attorney who will rise to any and all challenges to defend his client.

  • How Brent gave me my life back.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Larry

    Facing charges from false allegations made against me, I found it necessary to hire an attorney to mount a defense on my behalf. I researched several attorneys in Nashville and the surrounding area. I know now that it was a stroke of good fortune that I found Mr. Brent Horst through this modern marvel called the internet. Reading all the treatises and other information Mr. Horst posted on his website persuaded me that he was the right attorney for my case. My early assessment of his capabilities proved true and even more. Mr. Horst's thorough knowledge of the legal process and nuances in the law, tireless work ethic, and laser-like client focus resulted in an outcome as near perfect as possible to a jury's not guilty verdict.
    While on a professional level the attorney-client relationship was maintained throughout this whole ordeal, I developed a profound respect and like for Mr. Horst as a person. It also became apparent that he is highly respected in the legal community. I had unfailing confidence in his ability as a man and as an attorney to defend my innocence in court and secure for me a not guilty verdict. That became unnecessary when he was able to persuade the District Attorney to retire the case utilizing a procedure unique to the governing jurisdiction. Mr. Horst has my unwavering respect and endless gratitude for bringing this uncalled for life altering tragedy to a very satisfactory conclusion. He has made it possible for me to regain my respect with my honor intact and move on with my life. Thank you Brent. You gave me my life back.

  • Very Responsive Criminal Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ira

    Brent was always there for me. He is knowledgeable concerning the law and gave me great advise. I would not hesitate to use him again, should my legal situation require an attorney.

  • Highly Competent Councel

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    Brent Horst has been a true blessing for our family in a time of confusion and emotional upheaval.
    Our son needed the best counsel we could find to defend him against false allegations.
    Brent has proven to be a strong, confident and truly knowledgeable attorney. He handles himself with ease in the courtroom and exhibits a cool and calculating demeanor when dealing with a challenging situation.
    I likened him to a modern day “Clarence Darrow” type after watching him in action defending our son. He is a no nonsense, deliberate, honest and strong presence to have on your side. Having him represent our son made all of us feel we had chosen the best attorney.
    Each time we have been to court, there has been a favorable outcome, he has been able to methodically turn the tables in our son’s favor. I am confident Brent will win the day for our son and our whole family.
    Thanks Brent, for everything. My best regards,
    S. D.

  • A Dedicated Professional; Superior Representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Malcolm

    My only regret in my case is that I did not retain Mr. Horst when the false accusations were initially made against me. I sought his services after two trials, the final one ending in a guilty verdict and my being sentenced and incarcerated. He reviewed those prior cases, prepared, and filed an appeal with the TN State Court of Appeals. Statistics show that winning an appeal is a "long-shot" at best. I felt no different going in. However, Mr. Horst found the error made by the court that ultimately saved my life as I know it. We won the appeal and as the assistant D.A. stated afterward, "only Brent Horst could have won that argument". After a couple of years now, I am getting my life back. I will forever be indebted to Brent and the job that he did. A true professional and a great person.

  • Best Attorney Ever!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Mr. Horst is the most amazing attorney I have even met. You can never be prepared for such horrible accusation to be made against you. Finding a attorney is just the beginning, Finding one who truly believes in you is next to impossible. Mr. Horst understood from our initial meeting that I was not guilty of the crimes I had been accused of and went straight to work proving my innocence. It was a long and challenging journey to which we did prevail in the end. It took an emotional toll on my family but we never lost faith in Mr. Horst nor did he ever for one minute doubt my innocence . He will always remain in our hearts and prayers. Thank you will never be enough. He gave me back my life. He gave me back my family.