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John Lyndon Lowery

About John Lowery

About me

I was born to practice law and am proud to say I only represent people, never big corporations or insurance companies. There is something about the underdog (and compared to the resources insurance companies have at their disposal, we are indeed underdogs) that gets my juices flowing. Stepping into the courtroom on behalf of deserving victims of negligence is an honor I do not take for granted. Occasionally frustrations are real and even daunting, but the frustrations pale in comparison to satisfaction that comes from winning an important case or helping someone who walked through my door needing guidance through challenging circumstances. Sometimes I get notes from clients in which they share changes enabled by a verdict or settlement our office obtained. I keep a few of these letters in my desk, and when I feel like going home while work remains to be done, I read about the needed medical care, new houses, educations and more that resulted from our efforts and never fail to get the needed motivation to work a little harder, think a little more creatively, and do whatever else I can to make sure my clients have the best possible representation.