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Cynthia Ellen Gardner

Cynthia Gardner’s Answers

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  • My mother has temporary guardianship of me, how could i get rid of said guardianship and get the forms imedeatly to do so

    my mother has temporary guardianship of me and i no longer wish for her to have it, i am capable of handling myself in the real world and i hold a job and source of income. i have reason to beleave she may she may fight me on it and i may need leg...

    Cynthia’s Answer

    You should be able to get in touch with the Court who ordered the temporary conservatorship and get yourself before the judge to terminate the conservatorship. It is always better to have an attorney when you go to court about a conservatorship, but if you cannot afford one, ask the Judge to appoint you an Attorney ad Litem (if your state allows for that) or ask your local Legal Aid office if they can help. Good Luck!

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  • I am wanting to file for permanent guardianship of my minor brother his is 15 years old. I currently have a power of attorney.

    my brother has been living with me since August and attending school. how can i file for guardianship on my own?

    Cynthia’s Answer

    Guardianship depends on your state law but since your brother is a minor, his parents would have to be notified of the Court hearing to establish guardianship. You might try your local Legal Aid office to see if they may be able to assist you with that.

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