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James Robin McKinney Jr

About James McKinney

About me

   I was born raised and educated in Nashville and Middle Tennessee. It's home. My father was a lawyer in Madison,Tn and I always wanted to be a lawyer. My first job was to go to his law office on Saturday morning to clean the office while he met with clients or did some paper work. After college , I worked in a family business before law school. It gave me an appreciation of making a living .I decided to go to law school,but I had a wife and daughter so I went to the Nashville School of Law and worked during the day. During law school, I clerked for a Circuit Court Judge in Nashville. It gave me an inside look at how the courts run rather than a sterile law school approach. I enjoy representing the person who runs afoul of the law law or is taken advantage of by big insurance companies. I want to level the playing field so the police or insurance claims adjusters do not run all over folks.Ouside of the courtroom, I like to take my youngest son on fishing trips. I never miss a Titan's game.Love SEC football. A little known fact is I enjoy cooking on a Big Green Egg grill.Winston Churchill stated the greatest gift the English gave America is the right to a jury trial. I think that is more true today than ever.

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