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Brooke Killen Poague

Brooke Poague’s Client Reviews

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  • 2.0 stars

    Posted by Daniel

    Did not put up a fight in court! Did not even ask for temporary visitation!

    I hired Brooke to help me with a Child Support case. The mother of my child was also asking that I pay 1/2 of her medical bills. Brooke advised me that I would not have to pay this. She said it was not the fathers responsibility to pay for the mothers medical bills. I was only responsible for 1/2 of the childs medical bills. Well, when we got to court, my sons mom told Brooke what she was asking for. Brooke told her that the father does not normally pay for the mothers medical bills, but she could ask the judge about it. She did just that, and the judge granted it to her. Brooke did nothing about visitation either. It should have been brought up in court the day we handled the child support. Now here I am months later, paying child support and not being able to see my son. In Alabama child support and visitation are seperate issues. Now I have to hire another attorney and go back to court and fight for visitation rights.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Victoria Lowman


    My husband and I went through the adoption process in 2012/2013. Brooke was a wonderful attorney. She kept us updated with the progress and literally had papers to us the next day when necessary. The entire experience with her law office was enjoyable. We will use her again if we ever have need for an attorney .

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Connie

    Highly Qualified

    Ms. Pogue represented me in my divorce proceedings and thanks to her savvy knowledge and experience, my interests were protected. She was not callous in her dealings with the opposing party. Nor, did she advise me to act against her conscence and regard for the law. The client often has no clue what to expect or why their legal counsel advises them with regards to certain aspects of their case. Initially, due to the nature of the situation I was very apprehensive only to find out that thanks to her vast experience and knowledge, when it became necessary to go before an adjudicator, my interests were well protected. Had it been any other legal counsel, I am not positive this would have been the case. Ms. Pogue is well-respected in the legal community, and long after your case has been considered closed, she does not write you off but continues to ease your mind by providing sound legal advice

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    A lifesaver

    Dealing with a divorce is a difficult thing. It becomes increasingly difficult when there are children involved. My ex wife attempted to keep my daughter from me and Ms. Poague was able to help. After the divorce was finalized I thought the vindictiveness of my ex wife would end but boy was I wrong. 3 months after my divorce my ex wife petitioned the court to limit my visitation with my daughter. Throughout this process she has been very supportive of my wants and needs and has been a champion to my cause. Ms. Poague has made me feel as if my case was her personal mission and she would never stop fighting for me. Ms. Poague believed in me and my case even when I lost hope. She has helped make a difficult process survivable. I don't know what I would have done without her.