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Randy William Ferguson

Randy Ferguson’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Kevin

    Most caring , real , and down to earth Lawyer in this one-horse STATE of ALABAMA there is!!!!!

    About to go to court, very caring and knowledgable about my cases, I'm very pleased he doesn't judge me for my actions which put me in this predicament . Whatever outcome I'm happy where I spent my cash

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jenny


    Mr. Ferguson is the first caring lawyer I have ever experienced. If he decides to take your case you are very lucky. Do not go with anyone else. He takes the time to actually respond to all your questions. He even answers on weekends and holidays. Most lawyers, at least the ones I have experienced, can treat a layman with disrespect and act like they are so much higher than their client. He understands that a person knows nothing about law and not once has he made me feel stupid. He would be the type of lawyer to help you all he can and not make you feel like an ignorant person. He has helped me so much in my case even though I was not lucky enough for him to take my case. That is ok but he still personally e-mails me answers to my questions and that is very rare for lawyers. At least in my experience.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Joseph

    Absolute Best in North Alabama

    Randy has assisted, followed through (Thoroughly), Committed (Dedicatedly), Finalized, and most importantly, in a Very caring manner, has solely dedicated his strength, fearlessness of/in any matter to myself throughout my entire Life, which may, as well as his broad spectrum of services rendered and/or yet to be rendered in handling/disbursement/separation of my life's assets reassuring proper delivery of said aforementioned into the correct recipient's rightful possession while, after 2 Decades of knowledge, and/or service(s) rendered upon myself a maintenance of perfect trust which is why, should my wide variety of healthcare professionals be factual yet accurate about my health status, Only Randy will handle these matters for me, allowing my departure with great peace.
    I've elaborated my feelings of Randy accurately, honestly and confidently. Please allow my words speak for him before making Your (quite possibly life altering) choice of whom may represent you as well as for what your matter(s) may be.
    Thank You for being You, Randy.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Veronica

    Terrific Auto Accident Attorney

    Mr. Ferguson was very helpful when I was dealing with my auto accident case. He was able to help me get enough money to cover all of my medical bills and the damage to my car. I would recommend Randy to anyone that is needing an attorney for an auto accident case.