I hired Mr. Weinberg in the middle of a child custody case after I dismissed my old attorney because I felt I could no longer trust him to act in my best interests. Mr. Weinberg devoted all the time he needed to catch up in my case and not only understand the issues, but my concerns as well and advise me on the path forward.

I honestly believe that, without Mr. Weinberg's help, I could not have gotten the favorable result that I did. This case was as big a mess as any custody or divorce case and Mr. Weinberg handled it admirably. He immediately informed me of filings (sometimes within minutes), filed timely responses, and argued professionally. He made sure that I understood what was going on with the court, understood all the filings, and had input into what was going on.

I feel that, not only did Mr. Weinberg work for me, he worked with me. Even in the situations where I got frazzled and upset with the process, Mr. Weinberg kept us on track, explained things, and helped me. He was very likable, very easy to work with, and you could tell he was concerned about the outcome. It was not just a job for him. He is helping people.

So yes, I recommend Mr. Weinberg and think he is an outstanding lawyer. Especially having my first lawyer to compare him to, they are miles apart. I know you could do far worse, but I'm not sure you could do any better than hiring this man.