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  • Can an officer pull you over because someone calls you in for drunk driving, yet you never commit any traffic violations?

    Someone called and said I was stumbling to my car, after following me for approx 25 blocks. I had parked my vehicle and the cop flashed his lights and got out and came to my window. I passed the ABC's and counting, and eye tests. I submitted to th...

    H.’s Answer

    There are several points in time during an arrest for a DUI in which an experienced DUI attorney can challenge the actions of a police officer. The determination of probable cause for the initial stop, the determination of probable cause for the initial investigation into a suspect's intoxication, the rationale for the arrest...all are stages that can be challenged. If you were followed for 25 blocks and did not do anything behind the wheel to lead the officer to believe you were intoxicated, then that diminishes the value of the citizen-informant's information that you were. It also raises the question of why an officer, if he had reasonable suspicion to pull you over based on that call alone, allowed you to drive an additional 25 blocks and potentially endanger the public, if he felt his information was reliable. While additional facts may make your case more difficult, you should definitely seek out and retain an experienced DUI attorney who is familiar with probable cause/reasonable suspicion issues to take a closer look at your case and determine if what possible defenses may be raised.

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