Penkosky v. Banner Supply, Knauf Manufacturing, et als.

Stuart M. Address

Case Conclusion Date:June 15, 2012

Practice Area:Defective / Dangerous Products

Outcome:Pending settlements.

Description:Ms. Penkosky discovered Chinese Drywall throughout her home after repeatedly suffering from various respiratory illnesses. Her home was dismantled to the studs and rebuilt with new drywall. Eventually, Ms. Penkosly joined a national class action against various defendants, including the builder, drywall subcontractor, drywall importer from China, and the Chinese manufacter. Various settlements have now been negotiated and approved by national class counsel to whom we eventually referred the matter. Final approval of the settlements are expected later this year in which Ms. Penkosky may expect to be reimbursed for almost all expenses she incurred in remediating the problem before the cause of Chinese Drywall was even understood in the United States.

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