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Jonathan Jay Kirschner

About Jonathan Kirschner

About me

Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer Jonathan Jay Kirschner.... Over 20 Years Criminal Law Experience In The Treasure Coast of Florida. 

Fort Pierce Criminal Lawyer Jonathan Jay Kirschner, Esq., offers the experience you need in defending your criminal case.  Jay Kirschner is a Florida Supreme Court Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer, and perhaps just as importantly, has been Board Certified in Criminal Trial Practice since 1994, and has actively defended criminal cases for over twenty (20) years.  


In Fort Pierce, Port St. Lucie, Stuart and Vero Beach, Criminal lawyers know "DUI's", "Drug Possession", "Drug Trafficking", "Prescription Fraud", "Unjust Battery", and "Internet Crime" cases dominate the headlines. If you are charged with these or any other crimes, you must find the most talented, experienced team of legal professionals to obtain optimum results.

A Fort Pierce Law Firm With A Personal Support Staff To Help You.  A Firm That Maintains the Contacts, Relationships, and Resources To Assemble The Right Team to Defend Your Unique Criminal Case. 

In addition to  retaining a talented, experienced and properly credentialed lawyer, successfully defending a criminal case in 2009 and beyond, mandates an experienced support staff, working in tandem with the lawyer as a team, and in conjunction with experts from a variety of fields.  


The practice of criminal law has evolved into discreet and specialized areas, including DUI, Internet Crime, Drug Possession and asportation cases, embezzlement, homicide, etc., -----with the developing tendency of Florida's legislature to criminalize all manner of proscribed conduct--- the list grows longer each year.  Criminal cases routinely require astute counsel to assemble a  winning defense team, which may include Physicians, Psychologists, Accountants, Laboratory Analysts, Arson Investigators---- this list expands each year as well.  Knowing , and being able to access, the right experts and consultants, and being able to work effectively with them, can  and does make the difference between winning and losing your case.


JJK/LLC maintains a talented support staff including; Juanita F. Dunn, Staff Assistant to Jay Kirschner, who specializes in client relations, coordinating and scheduling with judicial assistants, co-counsel and opposing counsel and their staffs, as well as legal research and writing.  Ms. Dunn has been working with Mr. Kirschner for over fifteen (15) years.


Bradley Perron has been working in close association with Jay Kirschner for over fifteen (15) years.   He is a Florida Licensed Private Investigator, and has testified as a court qualified expert in a number of fields, including 'blood spatter' testimony.... in sum, the kind of investigator/expert who may well prove indispensible in building a winning defense team.     He is part of the talented, innovative, and experienced team of investigators at Investigative Support Specialist, Inc.,( ) an Investigative firm with demonstrated excellence, as well as a national reputation.


Robert McCarron, M.D., is the firm's consultant for medically related issues, which arise in both criminal and family matters on a frequent basis.  His individual practice, in Vero Beach, Florida (in Indian River County----the northernmost county in the 'Treasure Coast') specializes in the practice of Internal Medicine.  He also is well schooled in medical and scientific forensic issues, and has access to talented members of the medical and scientific communites.


B.J. Dunn manages the office, and is also in the process of obtaining her Florida Licensed Private Investigator license.  Having "in-house" investigative capability lowers collateral costs to the client, and maximizes efficiency when investigative work requires prompt attention.  B.J. has been associated with Jay Kirschner/JJKLLC  for six (6) years.


This eclectic grouping of talented, experience professionals, individually and collectively, gives  JJK/LLC clients nearly instantaneous access to virtually any area of expertise necessary to commincate with, and  ultimately assemble the right "team" to help win your case in the legal system, whether the matter lies in the the criminal or family divisions.


The practice is in both State and Federal courts, representing the innocent and falsely accused in DUI and all other manner of Criminal Matters, including unjust Battery and Spousal Battery charges, Prescription Fraud cases, Possession of Narcotics and Trafficking issues, Forfeiture and Conspiracy matters.

We Also Assist Clients in Divorce and Personal Injury Law 

We also provide representation in Dissolution Actions (including complex property distribution matters), and in Personal Injury matters. 

The firm is AV Rated by Martindale Hubbell,  one of the nation's oldest and most respected lawyer rating and referral service.

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