Mr. O'Neal has been exceedingly helpful when we ran into issues with our HOA. He was kind, and patient and guided us and advocated for us when our HOA and their attorney tried to bully and threaten us. He helped us prove that their C&R's were expired and thus obsolete and unenforceable. He sent them a notice to back off and when their attorney didn't listen he sent her what I can only describe as the most impressively written piece of work I think I've ever read in an email. Now, over a year later they have resurfaced and began to harass us again with their new CAM company behind them and even a year later he remembers us and our circumstances and is ready to go to bat. He is honest and trustworthy and will not let you fall. Before Mr. O'Neal, I consulted with multiple real estate attorneys seeking a way out of our "Mandatory" HOA. Every attorney scoffed and told me that just short of a miracle, there was nothing we could do. We knew they were wrong. Then we were introduced to Fred. He's come to our rescue yet again and I couldn't be more grateful to him. He is well versed in Florida law, particularly when it comes to HOA concerns. You won't find a better man to represent you.