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    my boyfriend had an agreement with our landlord that he'd work to pay rent off, $500. He's worked overtime & has done jobs that would cost the landlord over thousands of dollars, Never received a dime from the landlord. We do not have a lease, liv...

    Carol’s Answer

    The problems you describe cannot be easily fixed. Your health and safety are more important than getting revenge on the owner.

    Give your landlord a written notice that you are terminating / non-renewing your month-to-month rental agreement. If you do it now, before October 16th, you can live there through October with your last day being October 31st.

    You must give the notice in writing, not text, not email. Send a letter certified mail. State that you intend to turn over keys, give up possession, and leave on October 31st. Make sure to take photos of all areas of the unit, remove all of your items, clean, and then turn over keys. If your landlord won't meet you, then mail the keys in a padded envelope sent through US mail with tracking on or before October 31st.

    If you are still in the unit after midnight the end of the day October 31st, then you are responsible for November's rent, too.

    Good Luck! If you are unsure, please make an appointment with a local real estate lawyer or landlord / tenant attorney for representation and/or advice.

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  • Family attorney I think

    i leave in luxury appartment in one plantation my balcony slide door it's broken since I moved in febbrury it's been on and off try to fix not to much succes I ask to lower my rent witch is 1960$ per month my kids could not access to the balcony f...

    Carol’s Answer

    Management probably won't give you a rent reduction for a malfunctioning door.
    You can try, but I doubt they will.

    I don't believe that this problem amounts to a material breach of the lease. You should continue reporting it to management and put it in writing that you request that the door be fixed. Let the management know that it is important to you, that you chose the unit based partly on the balcony use, and that you would seriously consider non-renewing the lease and moving once the current lease is over if they don't fix it.

    See a local real estate attorney or landlord / tenant lawyer who can review your written lease and advise you. The attorney may also be able to send a letter demanding that the landlord fix the door. Good luck!

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  • Its been about 3 weeks since i responded to the eviction notice when will i get a court hearin

    And do i continue to pay rent thru the court registry until the case is over

    Carol’s Answer

    Yes, do continue to deposit rent each time it is due.
    If it is due on the first of the month, make sure it is deposited on the first or before.
    The total amount must be in the registry before the Clerk closes on the first of the month.

    It is highly recommended that you get an attorney for representation.
    The Plaintiff or the Defendant may file a motion and ask the Judge for a hearing on that motion.
    Good luck!

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  • What can I do ?

    Can a landlord still kick the tenant out if the tenant has been served an eviction notice but pays all the rent that is past due? The tenant is taking landlord to court about the landlord not having the dwelling up to code. Code enforcement has mu...

    Carol’s Answer

    The Pay or Quit Notice sets the time period during which the tenant may redeem the rent delinquency.
    Once the comply-by time has expired, the tenancy is over.

    If a tenant intends to withhold rent, the tenant MUST send a proper statutory seven-day notice to the landlord (while being current on rent), explaining that the tenant will withhold rent when it is next due unless the landlord fixes the problem. Otherwise, there is no excuse for not paying rent.

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  • Do we have to move out when the lease expires?

    We are in Florida. After a 6 month lease has expired the landlady is insisting on a new lease for one year. We cant truthfully commit so far ahead. Do we have any rights? We don't want to move currently.

    Carol’s Answer

    Yes, you will have to move when the lease expires. You have the right to be in the property until the last day.

    If you are still there after midnight after that last day, you will owe for the next month (times two if the landlord has to file for eviction) and you will be a person living there as a holdover tenant.

    You will have to find another property where the owner is okay with a month-to-month arrangement or a six-month term.
    Good luck!

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  • How do I get tenants out who owe back rent, last month and security deposit and have violated terms of lease multiple times ?

    The lease is TAW 30 day written notice. They have been living there 4 months. I have been extremely flexible and keep getting lip service. I have already served them 1 eviction notice to pay up and we worked out a $$ catch up plan which they hav...

    Carol’s Answer

    The way to proceed is to prepare and deliver a Pay or Quit Notice for non-payment of rent.

    Then, file a lawsuit for eviction.

    It is highly recommended that you hire an attorney to help you through this. Many tenants are professional tenants and will cause a lot of problems for you. Good luck!

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  • If I let a guest stay in my house I rent and they don't pay rent or help pay electric,can I throw that person out?

    She way brothers old girlfriend and her boyfriend assaulted her while they were both drinking. I let her stay with me,we got into a relationship.she won't work,help pay rent or any bills.she lays around and refuses to work, smokes all my cigarette...

    Carol’s Answer

    If you had an agreement that she would pay rent, then you serve her with a notice to end the tenancy and begin an eviction.

    If you had no agreement regarding rent, then you serve her a written notice (a piece of paper, not a text or email) that says you no longer give permission for her to be on the property and begin an unlawful detainer.

    See a local lawyer for some help with this.

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  • My landlord is trying raise my rent with no lease agreement what are my options legally?

    I have lived in same place since 2011 and she is now trying to raise my rent because she had to pay for repairs that went wrong. They were the same two items that have went wrong since I moved in. I have a broken window in front that first got bro...

    Carol’s Answer

    If you ever had a written lease agreement concerning this property, you should read it.
    It may state that you have to give 30-day notice instead of the default 15-day notice.
    If you have never had a written lease agreement or if you did but it did not address the notice requirement for non-renewal, you may give a 15-day notice in advance of the next rent due and let your landlord know that you are not renewing the lease due to the rent increase and are moving out.

    Landlords will raise the rent to meet their expenses, whether it is their fault, the tenant's fault, an act of God, etc. The fact is that the landlord expects the income from the property to pay the debts incurred by the property. Some landlords increase the rent every year as a matter of course, bc of the cost-of-living increase. So, if a landlord hasn't raised the rent for the last four years, it is just a matter of time before he has to.

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  • How much time will i have to move if i was to go to court on a eviction than lose, will i get like 30 days to find somewhere


    Carol’s Answer

    If you lose the eviction, you could be out very quickly.
    I've been in Court where a hearing was decided in favor of the Landlord and the Writ was issued within thirty minutes of the hearing end. The sheriff could have served it that afternoon or the next day.
    On the other hand, it could very well be a week later, if the chain of events is such that the deputy clerk is busy and the sheriff's office is busy.

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  • I'm a month to month tenant in a duplex can landlord raise rent on just one side and raise it bc she had to fix things

    Landlord mad she had to fix AV and fridge again

    Carol’s Answer

    Yes, the landlord can raise the rent on one unit out of several if she gives the proper notice.
    It can be for any reason except discrimination, so, yes, raising the rent due to repairs is adequate.

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