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    A tenant left my rental a mess. I have spent hours meeting cleaners, painters, carpet layers, buying paint, supplies, etc. (NOTE: THESE REPAIRS ARE ALL DUE TO TENANT DOING THINGS THAT WERE NOT ALLOWED OR DAMAGING THE PROPERTY AS OUTLINED IN THE ...

    Carol’s Answer

    No, the landlord cannot charge an hourly rate for meeting with vendors to repair the premises.

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  • Roommate problem trying to cut rhe rent

    He want to break the lease for the reason best known to him but when I refused to sign my own potion for the lease to be broken he got mad and promised to sue me so I can forcefully sign it, but the question is, do u think he will win when we alre...

    Carol’s Answer

    The roommate can't force you to allow him out of his obligations.
    Perhaps you can work out something where he can find a suitable replacement who will take over his portion of the rent. Both you and the landlord would have to agree to the new roommate.

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  • Rental Disagreement

    Legal action advise for young renters: Paid rent with cash not given receipt of payment, landlord claims never paid turn off water, cable, not electric and went online did 7 days not going to court kind of paper to kick renters out with 7 days. ...

    Carol’s Answer

    The advice is to hire a local real estate attorney or landlord tenant lawyer immediately.
    The landlord is not allowed to shut off or interfere with any utility, regardless of balance owed by tenant.
    Make the call now to hire legal counsel. There is a fine involved and the landlord may owe the tenant.
    Be sure to preserve proof. Good luck!

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  • Prepayment of Rent on Day 1

    I am interested in prepaying rent for the whole lease term because my credit score is fair at best. Is this allowable and would most landlords accept it? Think I can get a discount as well, since I'm paying the full amount on day 1?

    Carol’s Answer

    YES. It is allowed and most landlords would take the offer, and perhaps give a discount, too.

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  • My landlord is trying to kick us out without an eviction notice

    Me,my 4 month old son & my mom live in clermont Florida which is lake county & our landlord is trying to kick us out without an eviction notice was just wondering if that was legal?

    Carol’s Answer

    NO, self-help evictions are not allowed.
    You should hire an attorney for advice and representation.
    Good luck!

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  • Can landlord use deposit money for rent? I am tenant and moved out 2 weeks into Nov. Landlord made no repairs for months.

    Landlord lives near Miami. Doesn't make repairs for months. Expects tenant to fix. Mold. Broken shower. No hot water. Moved out 2 weeks into Nov. Landlord gives no address to write to him, only address of lawyer and next door neighbor. Did not pay...

    Carol’s Answer

    YES. After a tenant moves out, a landlord may make a claim on the security deposit, including using the deposit towards unpaid rent.
    You may write to the landlord care of the attorney or the neighbor if those are the contacts / addresses you were given.
    The next time you are renting and the landlord doesn't repair something, you should still pay the rent and hire an attorney to represent you. You must send the proper notices before you decide to move out and break the lease.
    If you are unsure, hire an attorney now to give you advice and representation. Good luck!

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  • Deposit from motel

    I was told to leave a motel room because we had dogs we were promised our deposit back in two weeks and now it's been 3 is there anything we can do?

    Carol’s Answer

    The landlord is required to notify you of any claim and to send you any money that is not being claimed. You must give the landlord your forwarding address.

    After 30 days have passed, you may send a demand letter to the landlord demanding your deposit back. You should send this via certified mail.

    If you feel that you are owed the money back, you may sue the landlord in small claims court. Be aware that you may end up with a judgment against you if the judge finds that the landlord did send the required notice. You may also have to pay the court / legal fees of the owner and any moneys owing above and beyond the deposit. See a local attorney for a consultation if you are unsure.

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  • Volusia co fla-what are the notice requirements for eviction...does that include holidays and weekends

    i have a lease thats current and not past due for rent. it will be expiring. landlord wants to evict me..will i be able to answer the complaint and will i get a hearing

    Carol’s Answer

    The landlord must give at least seven days' notice for a violation that can be cured but can also give a seven-day notice for a violation that cannot be cured.

    If you do not cure or surrender possession after receiving the notice, then the landlord may file a lawsuit for your removal. You will have the opportunity to follow the instructions in the summons. It should give you five business days to file a response to the Complaint for removal. If the landlord is also suing you for money damages, then you will also have an opportunity to file a response to that and you will have 20 days for that. Do not confuse the two: if you do not file a response and put any money owing into the registry, then the landlord can ask the judge for a default on the sixth business day and you will be removed very shortly thereafter.

    The judge will decide whether you get a hearing or not based on whether you deposit all of the money owing and file a response.

    If you are unsure, hire a local lawyer. Good luck!

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  • How do I get my deposit back?

    I paid first and last when I moved in. I am moving out at the end of this month but paid my rent for the month with intention of remaining a tenant. After, defemation of character and apparent false reports I do not feel comfortable staying.

    Carol’s Answer

    If you have already given the notice that you are moving out, make arrangements to meet on the last day of the month. Remove all of your items, clean thoroughly, take photos to prove you left it in good shape and save them, then turn in keys and surrender possession. Hand the landlord a letter which gives him your forwarding address.

    If you have not already given the termination / non-renewal letter, you must do that first. It is too late to give proper fifteen-day notice for the end of November, so you would have to give notice for December and pay December rent unless the landlord agrees in writing that notice today is good enough. Also, you may have signed an agreement for a month-to-month rental which calls for more time than fifteen days. Check any papers you signed.

    if you are unsure, hire a local lawyer.

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  • Lease deposit question

    We leased a townhouse for 12 months. The lease ended on 10-17. We had to pay first, last and security. The landlord has promised to return our deposit yet it's been a month now and after repeated promises we are still waiting for our deposit. What...

    Carol’s Answer

    Send the landlord a letter by certified mail. Let him know your forwarding address and ask for your security deposit back. If you are unsure, hire a local lawyer.

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