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Anne E. Raduns

About Anne Raduns

About me

I have been practicing family law since 2003.  While I was in law school, I worked at the State Attorney’s office in Gainesville handling domestic violence cases,  At that time,  I was a Fellow with the Center for Children and Families at the University of Florida Levin College of Law.  I attended Law School as "non-traditional" student, and a single mother of three. After graduating from law school, my focus remained on family law.  

My first law practice after passing the Bar was exclusively focused on family law issues.  I worked with attorney Robert L. Appleget, Jr. for the last 6 years before establishing my own firm.  I am proud to be a Florida native and I have resided in Ocala since 1991. I am always a little amazed by attorneys who live in one county and practice in another.  I am active member of the community and have loved being a resident of North Central Florida. 

I have published a coloring book for children who have experienced or witnessed domestic violence to help them make some sense of that trauma. This coloring book called, "When Families Fight," was used by various local agencies for children who experienced domestic violence situations.  I am very proud of this contribution back to my community.  It’s a real pleasure to give back to the community that has been so supportive!

My staff and I truly understand what our clients are going through, and because we understand, we care. We are there to show compassion when clients experience extreme emotional stress, and we are there to represent their interests aggressively throughout their divorce.


My strenghts and style in my practice are compassion, understanding, good-listening skills, a solid work ethic, and integrity are what define me. While my clients know that I am busy, I will never let my clients feel that they are forgotten. I will always try to return phone calls within 48 hours and my clients can contact me via email for a faster response. One of the things that I saw most frustrating to clients is not being able to reach their attorney when they need them. I try very hard to stay in touch with my clients.


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