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Mary Alice Jackson

About Mary Jackson

About me

Born and raised in Winter Park, Florida, I attended Florida State University and Stetson University College of Law.  I currently reside in Austin, TX and telecommute to my office in Sarasota, Florida daily.  I am personally in Sarasota every three week to see clients, attend meetings and work in the community.  I'm married, my husband, Bob, is the State Director for AARP Texas. 


My partner, Ed Boyer and I, started this firm in 1995.  Our philosphy has always remained the same - to provide high quality legal services to clients and families who are experiencing the difficult challenges of illness or disability, at reasonable costs which provide value based on our experience and expertise.  We are committed to community service and advocacy for our clients on local, state and national levels. 


Elder law is a complex field, especially in today's world - families are no longer "traditional" and long term health care costs are skyrocketing with little assistance from any source.   Clients fear financial impoverishment in addition to personal indignities and stress.  Our staff is tremendous and works hard to get the job done professionally and with compassion.  Nothing is easy, and certainly there is expense involved, but we provide a holistic look at clients, their families and their legal issues, and offer the counsel we believe best serves their objectives.  Ultimately, clients and their designated decision makers have to make the choices which are right for them.