Not a family lawyer / divorce/ custody etc.
He will charge you much much more than the average atty.,
Yet receive the same/ or lesser value.
Extremely unprofessional . Had to hire another atty to "fix" the mess pm made .
Perhaps for business matters , that may be his forte, sueing people. Otherwise you will have a mess, with a huge bill. His interests are himself , Not his client.
No answer from him is ever precise. He will fix later, etc.. 10k in 3-4 wks and the client is worse off.
Any other atty could have handled our case much better! ,
Another one did. At 1/4 of the cost.
A peacock, but all show, did not perform, pm piddled out. We learned when people rolled their eyes during the case, at mention of his name, and issues,. Including his staff.
Quite regretful experience .