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Scott Charles Rowland

Scott Rowland’s Legal Guides

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  • The “Alimony Reform Bill” that almost became law

    The Florida legislature has recently passed a bill entitled An act relating to family law, quite an innocuous title for a bill that promises to completely change alimony in Florida. Provided it is signed into law by Governor Scott, this bill will not only bring sweeping changes ...

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  • You Took Our Kids and Moved Where?

    You Took Our Kids and Moved Where? By Scott C. Rowland, Esq. It starts out with what would seem to be an innocent idea. A spouse, lets say the wife, schedules a trip with the children to visit out-of-state relatives. The husband, who has little interest in an extended visit with ...

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  • Your Guide to Obtaining A Divorce in Florida

    GROUNDS FOR DIVORCE IN FLORIDA Florida, along with the majority of the U.S. States has adopted "no-fault" legislation on the issue of divorce. The terms "divorce" and "dissolution" may be used interchangeably. There are two (2) no-fault grounds for divorce under Florida law: 1) ...

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