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James Derek Verderamo

James Verderamo’s client reviews

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  • Exceeded Our Expectations

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joe G

    Hired Attorney

    Derek came highly recommended from long time Naples friends and residents with some amazing reviews and understandably so.
    Upon our first consultation, we initially observed a friendly and professional office, staff and an attorney we felt comfortable with.
    He took his time reviewing the case and was armed with lots of advice and information that put our confused and worried minds at ease.
    There was no sugarcoating the situation and he was very honest and objective about the potential outcome of the case.
    Derek is easy to communicate with, is fair priced, does what he says and always returns calls and emails.
    If he gives you a price, that's the price. There's no sneaky charges after the fact.
    When you hire Derek Verderamo, you get Derek Verderamo.
    His knowledgeability caused him to professionally negotiated a deal for us that was to our benefit and we were very pleased with the outcome.
    My family would hire Derek again without hesitation and recommend him most highly
    Thank you once again Derek and staff

  • Excellent represenation, professional, responsible and good communication.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Paul

    Very good experience. Looked around and found this and other offices on internet. Called each office and found this office to be the most personable. Good communication with the attorneys directly even as they have a busy schedule, they took time out to call back and answer questions directly at their availability. Fee was very reasonable. Felt confident in their experience and well represented throughout the entire process. Very responsible and professional. Would highly recommend to anyone in need of legal counsel for their area of expertise.

  • Superior Lawyer!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    Just before Thanksgiving, I was arrested for DUI. After spending the night in jail, enjoying an early morning meal generously provided by Collier County tasting vaguely of cardboard, paying $200 to my local bail bondsman and retrieving my towed scooter for $400 from the bustling police assisted T & C Towing Company, I set about looking for an attorney. The bail bondsman, actually bondswoman told me I probably shouldn't get a public defender because they occasionally don’t show up to court. I met with 3 attorneys.
    The first lawyer I met with was recommended by a fellow detainee, who he referred to as the “King” of defense lawyers. I went to his office, not far from the courthouse. He met with me personally and laid out the dangers and necessity of me retaining counsel. It was a little scary, the potential penalties presented included jail, revocation of license, probation, DUI school, alcohol counseling, 10 day vehicle impoundment, community service, victim impact panel, $500-$1000 fine, ignition interlock device and court costs. His fee was $1000 more than the next lawyer I met with. A coworker of mine also charged with DUI, contracted this lawyer but regrettably for him, that long list of possible penalties came to fruition as he was not offered a deal and did not go to trial.
    The next attorney I found on, he had a very high rating and a large number of reviews. He called me back on Thanksgiving night, which was good and had a very soothing manner. Unfortunately, he did not call me back the next day when he said he would and was a no-show at his office for our scheduled meeting on the following Monday. He also made some back handed criticisms of other lawyer’s advertising methods, which I found ironic since he had up a Better Call Saul style billboard on my town’s main street.
    The 3rd person I met with was Derek Verderamo. He listened to my case intently, understood it immediately, and rapid fire started explaining the process, some of the intricacies of my case, who the judge was, the prosecutor, the experience level of the arresting officers and how we could proceed. I asked if he had anything negative to say about the other two attorneys I was considering, he said no. I contracted his services.
    First, he obtained a hardship license for me the next day from the DMV, which came in handy when I was pulled over on Christmas Day. Then he represented me at the DMV for an administrative hearing. Victory. Total reinstatement of driver’s license and full driving privileges. Over the next several months and court dates, he met with me regularly and kept me informed of the case’s progress. Eventually, he had a meeting with the new prosecutor and obtained a deal to reduce my charges to reckless driving, which is generally considered a very good result when charged with a DUI. When the judge decided against withholding adjudication, Derek asked me if I wanted to go to trial. I said yes, but I felt a little bad about the extra work that would require of him. His response was that I had paid my money for representation and he added “I like to win.” He filed a detailed several page motion to suppress evidence that could have been perceived unfavorably by a jury, was granted a court date and after meeting with the prosecutor again, obtained the exact result I was looking for. In a word, Success.
    I hope that if you are reading this, you don’t find yourself in the same predicament that I did or worse, but if you need to navigate the local court system in this part of Southwest Florida, I highly recommend Derek Verderamo. He and his staff are very diligent and professional, from his assistants in the office, Claudia and Sedonia, his partner Juan Escobar and from all of my interactions with him, I can state emphatically that this is a person who is honest, trustworthy, exceptionally intelligent, knows the law and a group of people who are very good at doing their job. Thank you


    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    GREAT lawyer..
    I did not believe and I didn't trust lawyers because they all the time want money, money and money and you want answers for your case and never give one good, and the good part you want done and they keep your case long because they want more money... I don't believe that for this attorney .. , I know Derek, who is the one you can trust, believe and you pay great price for solution your case with nice results... BELEIVE ME ... you happy and done fast...YD

  • criminal and civil false charges against me

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I had the very fortunate experience of meeting Derek Verderamo as he was highly recommended by friend. Although the reason I had to make his acquaintance was very unfortunate.
    I have been plagued over the last couple of years by a psychotic stalking ex girlfriend who will not let me go. Her and her new boyfriend have attacked me physically as well as abusing the legal system for her insane vengeance. I was the victim of both criminal and civil crimes. My criminal minded ex girlfriend who has bragged over and over again how she is able to manipulate the court system, has successfully been able to convince the courts to hear her phoney cases and actually even had me arrested for a felony. Unfortunately these feats are easy for a woman to accomplish as long as she's willing to tell crazy lies. Derek Verderamo easily saw through the scam and was able to dispose of these very quickly and efficiently. I don't know what my future holds but I do know she is still working against me. The only comfort I have is that I have Derek in my corner.
    I am NOT going to lie I was very scared as my situation was not something that I would be prepared for in my life. Had I not met a clear minded intelligent professional like Derek I don't know what my outcome would have been. I am dealing with pure psychotic someone extremely intelligent with no moral values or limits.
    My situation can only be described as Jerry springer fatal attraction like.
    I would highly recommend Derek to anyone.
    I would love to give my name and emailbut as I've heard through the grapevine in this very small town she is still working diligently to pull another stunt off. I like Derek a lot but I really would prefer not to keep giving him money although he has been extremely fair and very reasonable. Another benefit to having been introduced to him

  • Results better than expected!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ernest

    We hired Derek Verderamo and his partner Juan Escobar for a VOP violation, marijuana charge and DWLSR (3rd offense - felony). Derek was able to get the felony taken down to a misdemeanor, and I only served about 50 days total for all charges. The results were much better than expected considering the prosecution wanted about 90 days for just the VOP charge. Even though I was between the Naples and Immokalee jail centers he was fairly easy to get in contact with and kept my girlfriend informed about all updates regarding my case. We definitely recommend Derek Verderamo and Juan Escobar to anyone who is seeking legal help.

  • Had a felony DWLSR

    5.0 stars

    Posted by James

    Hired Mr. Verderamo and his Partner Mr. Escobar to handle a felony DWLSR in Collier County. Do to a past record including multiple felonies 24 years ago and a poor driving record The State was asking for 24 months DOC (not bad considering I scored out 33 months). Mr. Verderamo looked at my case and even though I was guilty he was able to negotiate with the D.A. He took his time and explained to the D.A. that the majority of my past record was 20 plus years ago and that I have a 2yr old daughter I care for who was a premee and I do speech therapy with her. I paid a majority of my traffic tickets and Mr. Verderamo was able to knock the 24mo in DOC down to 24mo house arrest and if I have no issues after 1yr Judge will consider terminating it.
    I was very satisfied with my representation, reasonable attorney fees, always easy to contact and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a lawyer in SWFL

  • Fantastic service, fair and helpful.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Alfonso

    Very helpful and knowledgeable in his field. Offers great advice that leads you to finish a case quickly. He was always there then I had a question and always gave me the straight no bull answer. Overall great and very satisfied. Good rate for the quality of service.

  • Great win!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Daniel

    Derek & Juan! thank you for all the hard work and your help, our last win was almost impossible and yet you pulled it of. I will always be grateful for this huge win! I just don't see you as a lawyer... now you guys became my guardian angel and a friends... thank you!

  • Informative and Attentive to details!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    I was referred to Derek by another attorney and he was by far thee best referral I have ever experienced in my entire life! His firm meets all of the above criteria and much more. I felt at ease and trusted Derek as he proved his vital abilities to get the job done right! If you want someone on your side and trustworthy he is your man! Thank you for a job well done!