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  1. I was hurt at work but in fear of losing my job, I texted my employer that I was injured in a previous car accident.

    Answered 2 days ago.

    1. Harold W. Whiteman Jr.
    2. Michael Henry Friedman
    3. Nathan Edward Woody
    4. John M Connell
    5. Kristian Kraszewski
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    You should consult a workers comp attorney immediately to get advice. Please email me at if you need assistance in locating an attorney that regularly handles those types of claims in your area

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  2. How can my name be removed from Finra and Brokercheck as I left the securities industry in 1999?

    Answered 7 days ago.

    1. Darlene D Pasieczny
    2. Kristian Kraszewski
    3. David P Neuman
    4. Robert S. Landy
    5. Robert V Cornish Jr.
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    I am sorry that you are dealing with this situation from so far back. If you email me I can send you the names of a few attorneys that handle expungement claims. They can give you more detail on your chances of getting the complaints removed.

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  3. Can a custodial firm be held liable for losses by an investment firm?

    Answered 18 days ago.

    1. Matthew James Casebolt
    2. Jeffrey Pederson
    3. Robert V Cornish Jr.
    4. Howard Robert Roitman
    5. Peter Mathis Spett
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    Claims against custodians are difficult. Custodians generally provide statements and other paperwork and are not required to uncover potential frauds committed by investment firms.

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  4. Do public companies need to disclose financial terms of a lawsuit settlement ?

    Answered 1 day ago.

    1. Robert V Cornish Jr.
    2. Stuart David Meissner
    3. Gerard William O'Brien
    4. Eric Lechtzin
    5. Kristian Kraszewski
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    The size of the company should determine whether it is deemed material and should be disclosed

  5. Investment Fraud? I invested $100,000 into a company and now the directors ignore all contact. what can I do...

    Answered 1 day ago.

    1. Michael Charles Doland
    2. Jeffrey Pederson
    3. Athina Karamanlis Powers
    4. Robert Kevin Savage
    5. Matthew B Wenzlau
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    I would try and gather all of your investment related documents and consult with a securities attorney in your area. Perhaps there are other investors online experiencing the same frustrations that you can correspond with too. Good luck

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