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Daniel Bernath’s client reviews

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  • Worth Every $ I Spent!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeene

    I hired Mr. Bernath in September, 2007, to represent me in connection with my Social Security disability claim (I reside in WA). I first filed for disability in September, 2003, in Missouri and was later denied. I appealed and lost in June, 2005. My attorney was inexperience in disability cases and my doctors had not accurately recorded my medical and personal information, nor requested the proper testing to document my many illnesses. The judge I went before for my appeal was, in my opinion, hostile and verbally abusive.

    I chose Mr. Bernath based on his disability experience and my "gut" feeling about him after discussing my case over the phone.

    He "took charge" from day one and handled my case efficiently and very effectively. He returned my phone calls and e-mails within one day of my attempt to contact him. Going through the claim process when you're disabled is very taxing and stressful when you know what is at stake and feel like you're trying to crawl through a brick wall to receive benefits you're entitled to and have paid in to over your lifetime. The only effort that was required on my part was to complete essential paperwork and keep my appointment with the doctor hired by Social Security to evaluate me. I did not have to go through the "appeal" process again, thank God (and Mr. Bernath!).

    In January, 2008, I received an award letter stating I was "found to be disabled" as of March, 2006, and would begin receiving monthly benefits effective August, 2006.

    Had I not had Mr. Bernath's help, I sometimes feel I might still be waiting to be "approved". However, I feel there is something "inherently wrong" with a system established to help truly disabled people, which requires obtaining the services of an attorney to secure the benefits which you have paid in to all of your working life and, therefore, should be entitled to.receive. At least, this time, I will know first-hand where my tax dollars are going.

    I was very satisfied with the results which Mr. Bernath's efforts produced on my behalf. Yes, I would highly recommend him. In fact, this week, I actually recommend him to two (2) disabled acquaintances. Like myself, they will have to make their own decision as to which attorney they feel most confident and comfortable with having handling their case.

    I hope this might be of some help to anyone seeking legal help to secure medical and financial benefits they need from Social Security to assist them in coping with their day-to-day needs while they deal with their particular disabilities.


    Jeene R
    In Brinnon, WA

    P.S. (Mr. Bernath (if you read this) I'm sure you and all of our veterans don't hear it enough; but, "thank you" for the many sacrifices you made while serving your country so that civilians, like myself, could enjoy our lives with very little sacrifice. My brother is a Naval Academy graduate and our family has strong military ties.)

    P.S.S. (Although at one time during my career I typed 90 wpm, I am no longer able to type well; so, a friend of mine is typing this for me. But, the statements I have made here are honest and all mine.)

  • Poor work

    1.0 star

    Posted by Terry

    I hired Daniel, 5 years later we go to court ,and then have to go again in 6 months to the same judge. i was deemed disabled by the judge. Daniel received his money from S.S. I received three months in payments then they stopped. Daniel doesn't return my emails or phone calls. so months go by i call again I get a lady-and within min - she has him call me. yet he has no idea who I am. so i fax him all of my paper work as he asked. And that is where its stopped. he has never gotten back to me.I have tried to get a hold of him many times. its now been almost 2 years since we were in court. I still am disabled but to bad for me right Daniel...