Michael Ernest Chionopoulos

Michael Ernest Chionopoulos

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I am a retired military officer - almost 27 years total service (active and reserves) - and a disabled veteran.  I am, however, fortunate to have run three marathons - and hope to run more - in my life: Oklahoma City; Honolulu; and Cayman Islands.  I like to help my clients achieve a relaxed attitude.  Most are upset about the circumstances in which they currently find themselves, or they would not be seeing me.  I take them to golf - SWFL has some simply magnificant courses - and encourage them to do things they find relaxing so that our communication about the pending issues can be more precise.  While Church - and being a Christian - is very, very important to me, I do not "force" my belief on others.  However, those who know me know that my beliefs and values and see that as an asset.

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