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Vera Bergermann

Vera Bergermann’s Legal Guides

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  • Why You Must Have a Written Parenting Plan Adopted by the Court to Reduce Child Support

    Most divorced or never-married parents are aware that there is a reduction in child support for a parent who has the child over 73 nights per year. Many do not realize that the parenting plan which e

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  • Insurance Tip If Your Child is Bit By An Animal

    In the unfortunate situation that your child is bit by an animal and a rescuer is also bit, be aware of your right to collect for both people under a homeowners' insurance policy. Possible Situation T

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  • How to Resolve your Dispute over Parental Responsibility in Florida

    Florida law divides parenting into two parts: time and responsibilty. Time is resolved by creating a parenting schedule which divides the children'stimebetween both parents. Both aregular ("everyday")schedule and holiday schedules are addressed. Responsiblity is resolved by choos...

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  • Grandparents and Custody of Grandchildren in Florida

    Does the grandchild currently live with the grandparent? If the grandchild currently lives with the grandparent, then the possibility of gaining custody is greatly increased. The grandparent would b

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  • How to Survive a Parenting Evaluation

    Cooperate with the Parenting Evaluator If the evaluator requests that you set an appointment within the next ten days to come in, then smile and set the appointment. Never argue with the evaluator.

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