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Walter Thomas’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Kirk

    Walter saved me and my kids, removed Injunction, and then got the Judge to award custody-Amazing!

    Walter took on two powerful/expensive attorneys hired by my wife in Tampa and completely turned the tables in my favor for a 3rd of the cost. I had lost visitation with my children; had an injunction against me in one court and things were looking bleak in family court. Walter got the injunction tossed in Injunction court, then convinced Judge to give me custody over my wife in family court. Ruling stunned my wife and her attorneys, but it was the correct ruling. My son has gone from failing the 8th grade to an honor role HS student. I owe it all to Walter. He understands what's important and what's not in the eyes of a family judge. Look no further.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by James

    I Retained His Services to Get More Time With My Kids, But Ended Up With Less

    When I hired Walter Thomas to represent me in my divorce proceedings, I was able to see my children once a week for EIGHT HOURS EACH SUNDAY. He assured me I was entitled to more, and allowed me to sign a Marital Settlement and Custodial Agreement that made me believe he got me the standard visitation schedule (every other weekend). But in a private conference that excluded me, the inclusion of a requirement that my mother supervise my visitation denied me that because my mother detests both my children and the requirement that she supervise my time with them. On top of that, according to this agreement, I am no longer able to spend any time with my children at my ex-wife's residence. So now, the most I am able to see my children is SIX HOURS EVERY OTHER MONTH.

    I requested Mr. Thomas' assistance in having this agreement amended to have that damaging requirement removed, but he told me he no longer represents me and will make no further efforts on my behalf.

    A more detailed account of this is available, online, at the Better Business Bureau website.