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Susan Jane Best

Susan Best’s Client Reviews

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  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Thomas

    Name May Say Best As in you Best Run!!!

    I hired Susan Best to handle a simple child support and visitation modification. After 7 months and $2,500.00 (and an additional $1,500.00 she blackmailed me with) she still hasn't finished the job. I have requested in person, by phone and by emails that she file discovery requests on my ex, take her deposition, file a motion for contempt on her and set it for hearing...NOTHING. That is what she has done. NOTHING. She specifically told me not to tell her how to run her practice! And then she had the nerve to send me a bill saying she has used up all of the money and would withdraw if I didn't pay her MORE MONEY before the final hearing! Then she had her secretary send me an email that said it had to be paid in 2 weeks time or she would withdraw! For what? At the one hearing we had, she was not prepared, she was still filling out overdue paperwork minutes before the judge walked in and not once tried to state my case to the judge before he ruled. Incompetence. Indifference. It is extremely apparent she has a complete lack of understanding of law and procedure and a complete lack of confidence in her legal abilities. She talks big in the office but doesn't say a word when you need her to --in court. She is also a HUGE gossip! She told me things about other clients and then said "I don't why I just told you all that." She even sent me a long, rambling detailed email one time where she discussed at length another case she was handling. She also told me she has other clients who have filed complaints with the Florida Bar (check it out for yourself). She is currently being investigated. Do not waste your time or money on this lawyer.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Support client

    The Name Certainly Does NOT Speak for Itself!

    Only word for this attorney is disaster. The case I had was simply asking for what Florida Statutes and most Judge’s use as a guidelines in a timesharing and child support case without abuse. As I understand no attorney can guarantee an outcome and no attorney worth their soul should work for free, I would expect an attorney I paid a retainer to (in any amount) to at least remember my name (not only throughout the hearing, but throughout depositions). I provided her with more than enough evidence including information on comparison of schools for my child. However, she had her assistant bring it to the hearing. Surprise, what her assistant brought her was nothing I supplied. In fact, the schools in need of comparison weren’t even included in the stack. The comparison of schools was not even used nor mentioned at the hearing. Furthermore, I couldn’t broadcast it enough that my child's father and I were NEVER married. Yet, all the documents continued to say Husband and Wife. I KNOW something could have been done to better my situation financially by sticking to the Child Support Guidelines. However, a Judge can not take any attorney seriously who was constantly searching for things and kept referring her client by another name during an 8 hour hearing and a 4 hour deposition. At the end of my case getting dismissed, Ms. Best promised she would “file to at least get my child support lowered for no cost.” This never happened. As soon as I asked her two months later about the Motion, I was transferred to her new secretary who had no knowledge of my case but wanted to demand money from me. I was promised a “discount on my bill.” This took 4 months to get a bill. Still no mention of her promises made just outside the courtroom. In fact, I made payment arrangements to ensure her bill would be taken care of. She then transferred me to her new secretary who told me that payment arrangement was not good enough. I could have gotten my own case dismissed without paying thousands of dollars on an attorney who couldn’t remember my name. If it is the BEST you are looking for? Don’t look to Susan Best, you will only get the worst.