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Joseph Franklin Pippen Jr.

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  • When is Executor required to distribute inheritance to beneficiaries?

    My sister and I are beneficiaries to my fathers estate. The judge signed the final adjudication and decree 30 days ago. When is the Executor required to distribute the monies to us? He doesn't return my phone calls which I believe is a red flag. ...

    Joseph’s Answer

    Send a certified letter demanding the distribution with a "deadline" for response.

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  • I need an attorney to handle some estate and probate issues.

    I recently lost my partner of 22 years and although not legally married we were together all that time and have bought a house together. I'm having problems with probate issues, finding out if I can be recognized as a common law wife for his socia...

    Joseph’s Answer

    1-Florida does not recognize common law marriage.
    2-Simple wills are very reasonable-use the "Find a Lawyer" tab on AVVO.
    3-Discuss with a probate attorney your probate issues

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  • How do we as a family protect family business from grandfathers incompetent state (dementia), when he is the owner?

    My grandfather is 93 and has become increasingly and horridly paranoid and his failure to recall important business decisions from as little as three years ago have escaped him. His failure to remember leads to accusations, etc. He started real...

    Joseph’s Answer

    You must hire a guardianship attorney ASAP in order to gain control.

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  • I am a conservator of my dad. The Court asked me to file a status report.

    My cousin requested special notice of all matters where special notice may be requested. Does this mean that I have to send him a copy of the case status report and of every single thing I file in the case?

    Joseph’s Answer

    Yes-all documents filed must be also be sent to your cousin.
    I assume you are represented by an attorney-if so-please
    discuss with your attorney for further instruction and for any exceptions.

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  • Can I deposit a check that is made out to "Mother's Name TOD My Name" into my personal bank account? My mother is deceased.

    Underneath "Mother's Name TOD My Name," the check reads "C/O My Name" followed by my address. All my mother's assets were TOD to me, yet we are still in the process of transferring them solely into my name. We are avoiding probate, so there is no ...

    Joseph’s Answer

    I would think you are stuck with Bank rules.
    I would guess that the bank that issued the check will have to issue a new check to you.

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  • Breaching a Power of Attorney

    A self appointed administrated power of attorney was used to change the designated beneficiaries for all the principal's assets to himself. He then transferred stocks, a 401(k), and other monies to himself. The POA specifically stated that this ...

    Joseph’s Answer

    A person granted a POA can not use it to benefit themself.
    This should be reported as a crime and attorney hired to reverse the transaction.

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  • My uncle claimed me dead and withdrew my inheritance from the bank. Now they won't reimburse me. What type of lawyer do I need?

    My uncle used my mother's death certificate to claim me dead on a pod bank account from suntrust bank. I have gone through all the motions including a letter of demand and they still have not reimbursed me. I filed a police report and the detectiv...

    Joseph’s Answer

    I agree with hiring an attorney to write a letter should produce quick result.
    The bank would not want bad PR on this type mistake.

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  • 2 of 4 brothers quite claimed deed the house to younger brothers. I want to know if us younger brothers have a joint tenancy?

    I am not sure what happens to my house if I die. Does it go directly to my other brother listed on the quite claimed deed. I want my half to be split between my brother and my dad (if I die) what can I do. I want my dad to be able to live there. C...

    Joseph’s Answer

    You can have an attorney to make assure you have sole ownership and then plan your estate
    with a will or trust to direct where you want your property to go.

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  • After divorce does a gift in my mother's will to my ex-husband automatically get canceled?

    I've just finalized my divorce. However, my ex-husband is a beneficiary in my mother's will. My mom's will gives "Susan's husband, John Smith" 1/4 of her estate. My mom now has alzheimers and we're not sure if writing a new will would be...

    Joseph’s Answer

    No-the provision in your mother's will is not void upon your divorce.
    Do you have a POA for your mother?
    If so-you might meet with with an estate planning/medicaid attorney to discuss
    how assets might be arranged to qualify for government benefits.
    Some of this type planning could result in assets not be included in the probate estate(Controlled by the will).

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  • I need a attorney to review a suspicious last will and testament and advise to whether they see any red flags

    official last will and testament will be provided

    Joseph’s Answer

    Any estate planning/probate attorney can review the documents and listen to the circumstances and advise you of possible actions.
    You can find attorneys on the AVVO -Find a Lawyer-tab.

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