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Richard Ernest Wolfe

Richard Wolfe’s client reviews

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Review Richard Wolfe

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kevin

    My former employer lied as to my reason for being discharged, and Mr. Wolfe was there with me and my family every step of the way. Without him I would not have received my unemployment. He is honest with you every step of the way. I would recommend him to anyone whose former employer is trying to lie to make sure that they do not receive the benefits that they should be entitled to. And he caught my former store manager to admit to the lies. He was a godsend for our family, which we are a disabled family cause my fiancée has two disabled children and he was wonderful with them as well. And his closing argument was just remarkable.

  • olav malm

    4.0 stars

    Posted by olav malm

    richard was promt,kept me informed,and got the job done that is what matters most.

  • Perfomance Review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Clara Cortina

    Richard Wolfe first successfully represented me in a professional non-compete trial against a former employer that required significant case law research and application. Although prior legal counsel was ultimately successful in the appellate court, Richard Wolfe took the case to trial in an unattractive venue, won the case quickly, and enabled me to work unabated. Legal fees were a fraction of prior legal counsel.
    In subsequent work, Richard Wolf prepared a letter in a potential restraining order case that resolved the issue without any complication or aftermath.
    He provides face to face service. Communication is always conducted in a humble demeanor with adequate time to discuss and understand the case thoroughly. Richard Wolfe remains my current attorney for legal issues that arise who I would highly recommend with utmost confidence.

  • Very reliable, professional, agressive & proactive attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tracy

    “Richard was previously and is currently the perfect attorney for me. He has a superior knowledge of employment and auto accident law. He was especially helpful to me in discussions about my rights with my employment case and now providing what is at my best interest regarding my pre- existing condition due to a previous auto accident, and my current injuries and how important my health impacts day to day life, and my rights as an employee. He is remarkably sensitive regarding the strong emotional issues associated with job loss and injuries sustained as a result of any auto accident.
    Richard's ethics are above reproach. In my particular cases, he has advised me not to press certain issues because it will cost me more in legal fees than I stood or stand to gain. I feel he has my best interest paramount at all times. He is looking out for me, and he never would take advantage of me during this difficult time in my life. I will always count him as a supporter and a friend.
    Richard is very tuned into the realities of my personal strengths and fears. I have trusted him totally because I know that he has my best interest at heart. In the end, I am confident Richard will help me achieve a workable and fair settlement, which will pave the way for a positive and healthy future.
    I would give Richard an A+ for responsiveness. From the moment I first spoke with Richard, I knew that he was someone who would make sure my needs were met and would follow up competently and responsibly on anything that related to my cases. I trusted Richard completely! Richard has always treated me with professionalism and sensitivity.
    Richard always takes a strong negotiating stance on issues that are very important to me, and I am very happy with the results thus far and confident on the future outcome. He advised me well on where to bend and where to stand firm. I think my first settlement was remarkable, and I emerged from the entire process with a newfound sense of confidence in myself. Richard always treats me with dignity and respect for which I am profoundly and eternally grateful.”
    “Would I refer others to Richard Wolfe? Absolutely! I am so impressed with his ethics! Richard is a remarkable man with high ethical standards.”
    “I have dealt with a few auto law attorneys over the years. Richard's is the only firm that I recommend to others.
    Richard Wolfe elevates himself against others in many ways. The first time I met with Richard, I realized that I found the perfect attorney who genuinely cares. Richard has exceeded all my expectations in resolving my legal issues in an ethical manner previously and in my current case. His expertise of the laws of employment and auto have been very obvious during my previous and current case. He is always prepared and always has my best interest at heart.
    Most importantly, every single person associated with my case that he has referred me to or that I am currently being treated has shown genuine care and concern. For my previous conditions or current conditions whoever Richard has recommended are some of the highest quality Dr.'s or treatment facilities EVER! I am grateful to Richard for his services and blessed to have him as my attorney.
    “Richard is well respected and has a great reputation for his approach to employee and auto accident law. Richard helped make a difficult time easier, and I would highly recommend his firm to others.”
    — Tracy L., St. Petersburg, FL

  • Mr. Wolfe settled my accident litigation well over Policy Limits

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Blake

    Six months ago I was in an automobile accident and had to retain Mr. Wolfe’s services. He was very professional and always kept my interests in mind. His expertise with insurance companies made the whole process move quickly and the entire situation was resolved in my favor, sooner than I ever expected above policy limits. I would absolutely retain Mr. Wolfe’s services again and would refer him to all of my closest friends and family.

  • I recommend Richard E. Wolfe

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Christina

    Mr. Wolfe handled my legal issues professionally, timely and accurately. I am very satisfied with his services and highly recommend him.

  • great business attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by CHUCK

    helped me resolve an issue with a client, saved me 35000 + THANKS RICHARD