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About Me

Michael Bowdish is a third generation attorney with eleven years experience in defending the accused in various jurisdictions around Tampa Bay.  He has vigorously advocated client's cases before juries in Pinellas, Pasco, Hillsborough, and Manatee Counties, and has presented written and oral arguments before the Second District Court of Appeal.  Michael strives to give clients a clear understanding of the legal issues, the current status of the law pertaining to those issues, and the positive and negative aspects of all courses of action.  Not all clients desire to proceed with a trial or motion to dismiss or suppress.  Some clients' situations call for diagnosis and treatment of addiction or other mental health disorders.  In such cases, forensic psychologists or treatment specialists may be called upon to assist the attorneys in negotiating with prosecutors for a disposition centered around treatment rather than incarceration.  Call Michael Bowdish and Melissa Sharpsteen today to discuss your options.