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  • Have Fl Small Claims Judgment against President & Company Can I put lien on prop of only other Officer in Company?

    Hi, Can't find President - neither can State of Virginia-he is slippery!!!! So we are hoping where he AND THE COMPANY ARE NAMED. WE CAN GO AFTER THE ONLY OTHER OFFICER IN THE COMPANY & PUT A LIEN ON THEIR PROPERTY? WE KNOW WHERE THEY ARE & THEY AR...

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    Thank you for your question. Albeit confusing, it seems like you are asking whether you can lien the property of an individual that you do not have a personal judgment against simply because he is/was the officer of a now-defunct corporation. If that is what you are asking, then the answer is generally no. However, the exception would be if the officer you speak of was responsible for some sort of fraud related to the corporation. If that is the case, you could have reason to pierce the corporate veil and go after that second officer individually. Another exception to the above answer is if the property, whether real or personal, is or was titled in the company name. Of course, the answer to any legal question varies greatly depending on the facts. You should always seek the advice of an attorney in person, and not through a free message board. Good luck!

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  • What is the difference between a malpractice lawyer and a personal injury lawyer, I have nerve damage from a blood draw Tampa?

    I have a weak arm, twitching index finger and pain. I have already had a doplar scan and there are no blood clots , now my neuro doctor will do a EMG on Dec 7 to check for nerve damage which I am certain of based on my pain etc.

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    Personal injury is a broad practice area that covers a lot of legal areas like car accidents, slips and falls, etc. Medical malpractice is a more specialized practice area that deals with the negligence of medical professionals.

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  • I was broad sided by a vehicle in a left turn only lane that decided to go straight while i was making my left turn.

    The officer at the scene cited me for failure to yield because that vehicle had right of way since she was going straight. The officer only asked me two questions, where was i and what was i doing. The owner of the vehicle decided not to turn le...

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    The fact that you are even asking if you have a case, means that you probably do. Of course, the type of attorney you need depends on what you are looking to accomplish and the relevant facts. If you are looking for an accident attorney, most have a free consultation. If you are seeking advice regarding the ticket, there are a number of ticket attorneys that will fight your ticket at a reasonable price. Either way, your best bet is to talk to a reputable attorney in your area to discuss the specifics of your case.

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