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Jason A Brazelton

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  • I was broad sided by a vehicle in a left turn only lane that decided to go straight while i was making my left turn.

    The officer at the scene cited me for failure to yield because that vehicle had right of way since she was going straight. The officer only asked me two questions, where was i and what was i doing. The owner of the vehicle decided not to turn le...

    Jason’s Answer

    The fact that you are even asking if you have a case, means that you probably do. Of course, the type of attorney you need depends on what you are looking to accomplish and the relevant facts. If you are looking for an accident attorney, most have a free consultation. If you are seeking advice regarding the ticket, there are a number of ticket attorneys that will fight your ticket at a reasonable price. Either way, your best bet is to talk to a reputable attorney in your area to discuss the specifics of your case.

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