Lori Doganiero Palmieri

Lori Doganiero Palmieri

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Our office in Westchase Commons
NACDL member since 2003
Federal Sentencing courtroom sketch in mortgage fraud case, 2012.
Former Assistant State Attorney in the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit for service from 2000-2003.
Former Assistant Statewide Prosecutor badge and plaque for service from 1996-2000
Sixth Judicial Circuit Badge and Plaque as former prosecutor 1990-1995
The National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyers 2013
Florida Bar Board Certification through 2015 in Criminal Trial Law
Lady Justice
FL Bar Board Certified in Criminal Trial Law

About Me 

The selection of the right criminal defense lawyer for you and your situation may be the most important  decision of your life.  Your freedom, livelihood and future can be at stake. 

The best decision can only be made when you have the most information available to you.  You've taken an important step to research lawyers online, but now you must contact the lawyer for either a telephone or in-person consultation.  Only then can you fully understand who you are hiring, what her experience is and how she might attack the issues in your case. 

Your case is as unique as you are, so don't hire a cookie-cutter lawyer who handles hundreds of the same cases in the same way. Look for a lawyer with a varied practice who uses her experience, legal knowledge and tenacity to defend you. 

Palmieri Law - Your Key to Justice is here to help today.