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Ashraf Sami Salem

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  • How can someone get a copy of I130 petition (Application) that was filed about 6yrs ago.

    They need a copy of the actual I130 petition . they already have the approved I130 form. However, there seem to be an error on the Approval so the person want to review the initial I130 petition application .How can this be requested

    Ashraf’s Answer

    USCIS also offers a form for making FOIA requests, Form G-639. It is fairly straightforward, and found at

    If your life or liberty is not at stake, or if you are not facing proceedings before an immigration judge, you will have to wait a while for a FOIA request. As of early 2015, the average processing time for a "simple" FOIA request is around one month, while more complex ones take around 50 days.

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  • Where should I send my asylum application? I live in Florida.

    Where should I send my asylum application? Should I send my application directly to Miami office or Texas office? According to instruction for I-589 form in USCIS website, it indicates that florida resident should sent his application to Texas Se...

    Ashraf’s Answer

    USCIS Texas Service Center
    Attn: Asylum
    P.O. Box 851892
    Mesquite, TX 75185-1892

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  • Will U.S. Immigration consider my SSDI benefits for income requirements of I-864 Affidavit of Support I'm filing for my Wife?

    I am preparing to file an I-130 for my immigrant wife who is here w/o inspection. Upon approval of I-130 will be filing the I-601-A Provisional Waiver & notifying the National Visa Center, etc. I believe I can meet the support requirements of 125%...

    Ashraf’s Answer

    No,you may only use earned income on the Affidavit of Support - I-864.
    The reason is that if your beneficiary collects means tested benefits the government has the right to attach your assets. They cannot attach your means tested benefit and disability. They can only attach earned income and assets.

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  • I-30 Immigration What are the docs they ask the proof of a marriage?

    I-30 Immigration What are the docs they ask the proof of a marriage? If I already got marriage. What should file with that form to prop that my marriage is legal?

    Ashraf’s Answer

    Evidence of your relationship, which can include:
     Evidence of wedding celebration (e.g., photos of wedding, a copy of the invitation, and receipts for expenses incurred).
     Beneficiary designation on insurance policies listing your spouse.
     Bank statements from joint accounts.
     Joint lease or deed to a home (the lease should be signed).
     Joint car insurance policy or statements.
     Joint credit card statements or representative copies of bills sent to you individually but at the same address over the last
    year, if you have lived together.
     Photos taken together.
     Evidence of joint travel as a couple (e.g., flight itineraries).
     Dated letters, cards, and/or envelopes addressed to both of you at your home address.
     If limited evidence is available, three clearly written letters/affidavits from friends or family members who have personal
    knowledge of your relationship and of your life as a couple. Please speak with your attorney if you think you need to
    obtain these.

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  • Is there any new immigration status for illegal alien living in the US for over 10 years?

    I have come to the US as a child i was 13 years old,today I am 27. I never left US and I am currently married with 3 kids. Clean record.

    Ashraf’s Answer

    President Obama is preparing to announce new measures that would potentially allow millions of illegal immigrants to remain in the United States without fear of deportation.

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  • Can I expunge my criminal record in the is for immigration purposes?

    Can I expunge my criminal record? In 2001 I was arrested for driving while license susspended with knowledge and found with possession of less than 1grm of cocaine when my car was searched. I was given 1000$ bond. once bailed out the public def...

    Ashraf’s Answer

    For immigration purposes a criminal conviction will always exist, no matter whether a court expunges your record or not.

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  • Documents for aliens/immigrants carry without being arrested

    Hi, I am on a student visa for 6 months. I don´t want to carry my passport all the time. Is it ok to carry a copy? If the police stops me and I show a copy of passport and I-20 do I go arrested?

    Ashraf’s Answer

    U.S. immigration laws and regulations require every foreign national age 18 or older to carry documentation of their lawful registration as a foreign national while in the United States. Documents acceptable for this purpose include:

    • A valid, unexpired Form I-94 admission record;
    • A U.S. Customs and Border Protection passport admission stamp;
    • A Form I-551 Permanent Resident Card ("green card");
    • A Form I-766 Employment Authorization Document (EAD); and
    • A Form I-185 or I-186 Border Crossing Card for citizens of Canada and Mexico.

    Failure to carry a required document is a misdemeanor; for each offense, you may be fined up to $100, jailed up to 30 days, or both. While convictions for this offense are not common, in the current climate of heightened national security concern and more stringent immigration enforcement, you are advised to carry the relevant documents with you or keep them close by at all times.

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  • I am a green card holder and my sister is divorced in Germany and wants to come live with me in Fort Myers,Fl.How do I do?

    She has a Moldova passport and a daughter that is German citizen.Can she come on tourist visa and apply for studies? Thank you

    Ashraf’s Answer

    As an LPR, you are not eligible to apply immigration for your sister. She can apply for a nonimmigrant visa, visitor visa, student visa. She may also be eligible for employment based visas.

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  • F-1 Student who got academically dismissed, Please Help!

    I'm an F-1 student who got academically dismissed., although my CGPA is above a 2.0 (good standing). My question here, is it possible for me to transfer out/apply to other colleges here for continuation of my major while residing in the US fo...

    Ashraf’s Answer

    In some cases, a college may allow a student to appeal the decision to dismiss. The purpose of the appeal is usually to allow the student to explain extenuating circumstances or to provide additional information that may not have been available at the time that the decision was made. He may be able to demonstrate that some circumstance has changed – perhaps a health situation, work situation, family situation, or even a change of focus or field of study. It is important that you and your student remember, however, that an appeal is meant as an exception and to demonstrate extraordinary circumstances. It is not meant as an avenue simply because the student is unhappy with the decision of the college. An appeal may not be in the best interest of the student.

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  • What's the best way to mail immigration documents? Should I staple it and put it in a brown (Manila) envelope? Thanks!

    Trying to make this go smooth!

    Ashraf’s Answer

    In preparing your packet, please take note of the following:
    Do not use binders or folders that cannot be easily disassembled.
    Use ACCO fasteners to hold together thick or bulky applications or petitions. Two-hole punching the top of the material for easy placement in the file is appreciated.
    The use of tabs assist in locating items listed as attachments. The tabs should be placed on the bottom and not the side for ease in filing.
    Avoid using heavy-duty staples; instead use ACCO fasteners or heavy clips.
    Avoid submitting originals unless specifically required. Avoid submitting oversized documentation when possible.

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