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About Me

If you are currently dealing with local law enforcement and the local State Attorney’s Office, you need a local strategy for your fight. I was born and raised in Tampa. After spending 4 years at the University of Florida followed by 3 years at the Florida State College of Law, I moved back to Tampa- the only city I will ever call home.


I began my career with the Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office, prosecuting DUI’s, misdemeanors and felonies. In nearly 3 years with the State, I spent most of my time in court, practicing in front of a number of different judges. I prosecuted over 5,000 cases, argued over 300 motions and took more than 100 cases to trial.


Now, I am on your side.


I know the weaknesses of the State’s position. I know what officers overlook and I know what they will say to protect their arrest. I will challenge any officer who has violated your constitutional rights. And if the State refuses to make an acceptable offer on your case, I will go to trial for you. If you are currently searching for the right lawyer to defend your rights, put my local experience to work for you.