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Case Conclusion Date: 04.20.2010

Practice Area: Immigration

Outcome: Cancellation of Removal granted!

Description: This was a crazy case, because all of the hardship that we alleged would be suffered by the US citizen qualifying relative was based on the hardship that would be suffered by the alien applicant if Cancellation of Removal was not granted. We were quite fortunate in that we had a incredibly sympathetic client, and a receptive audience for our claim from the Immigration Judge and ACC. My client is suffering from dread diseases, including cancer, and we were able to make the case that if she returned to her home country her US citizen daughter could do little but watch her die, as the mother's condition was only stable here because of the great care she receives in the US based on the health insurance she has with her job. Because the mom was granted residence, her alien daughter as well was granted 240A(b) and became a permanent resident as well. Note: My client was recently diagnosed as terminal, and the ACC in this case, my opponent, helped "fast track" the case so that a decision could be made while my client was still alive, because if she had died before a decision, her alien daughter's chance at residency would have died with her.

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