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Eduardo A. Suarez

Eduardo Suarez’s Answers

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  • Auto fraud? Finance company problems.

    I got in an auto accident in January this year in a car that was still being financed with CNAC auto and I was not at fault . I was hit from behind and only had a chip taken out of the back bumper and a dent on the back door. USAA (the person wh...

    Eduardo’s Answer

    Nothing in what you have described suggests that you have committed a crime. However, in situations like the one that you have described, insurance companies sometimes make the settlement in check payable to both the automobile owner and the lender; if that is the case here ,and you deposited the check into your account without consulting them, you may have some criminal exposure. Despite your serious finacial situation, the best thing you can do is to bring all of the paperwork relating to the accident and the property settlement to an attorney in your area and let him or her review them. Whatever consultation fee they charge will be well worth the price.

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  • FL state criminal code, plea agreement for driving on suspended license

    i go stopped 9/4/2008 driving on suspended license and making a ilegal turn it be my 3rd violation i went to court and pleaded not guilty do to the fact that I had to take a class before I get my license back from rior conviction. going to get my...

    Eduardo’s Answer

    Generally, the answer to your question is yes. Most prosecutors and judges will work with you to help you avoid the five year suspension. It is very important that you have a valid license when you conduct the plea negotiations. I strongly advise you to retain a lawyer to handle these negotiations for you.

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