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Maj Vasigh

About Maj Vasigh

About me

What we provide to our clients, above all, is confidence and peace of mind. That's what makes us not only well liked, but successful for our clients. Our goal is to get our clients out of trouble, but also to keep them out of trouble and get them back on track and back to normal. After the resolution of their cases, we don't want our clients to come see us again as a defendant, but a friend, giving us an update on how well their lives are going. We don't have a "frequent flyer program," nor do we intend to start one anytime soon. 


Mr. Vasigh’s education and experience is what makes him a formidable trial attorney. Before taking the defense side, he gained powerful experience prosecuting cases on behalf of the State Attorney’s Office in his hometown of Daytona Beach. It was there that he gained powerful insight into the inner workings of the criminal justice system.   

After graduating in 2007 from the state’s flagship law school, the University of Florida, Mr. Vasigh began work as a criminal defense trial attorney in Hillsborough County full-time for the State of Florida and a private defense firm. Shortly afterwards, he was recruited by the General Counsel of an Inc 500 company and worked in the corporate world practicing business litigation.


Mr. Vasigh left the corporate world in 2012, starting this law firm to help people just like you and your loved ones. He has over 6 years of courtroom experience in Criminal, Civil, and Immigration State and Federal Courts and is eager to put that experience to work for you. He has been featured in the St. Petersburg Times, Sarasota Herald Tribune, and the Gainesville Sun.


Mr. Vasigh lives in South Tampa with his wife and two dogs. He enjoys BBQ and a small batch bourbon on the weekends. 


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