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751 Extreme Hardship waiver granted

Case Conclusion Date: 06.03.2013

Practice Area: Immigration

Outcome: Green card with no conditions

Description: One of my favorite clients of all time was forced into a false marriage when she was hardly more than 18. The marriage was fraudulent, yet my client was innocent. A difficult situation. My clients and I discussed our options and decided to confess everything to the immigration judge, hoping that he would find it to be an extreme hardship for my client to be deported to a country she left when she was six years old. Thankfully, the testimony and evidence in the case established that not only would she and her family suffered extreme hardship if she were deported, but that it would be fundamentally unfair if she were to be deported. While my client waited for a final decision in immigration court, she kept her legal status in the US and her work authorization. The entire time. Green card issued.

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