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About Loren Rhoton

About me

  Loren Rhoton P.A. is exclusively a criminal appeals and post conviction relief law firm. Our office focuses only on post conviction relief and criminal appeals for state and federal cases arising in the state of Florida.  With over twenty years of combined experience in post conviction and criminal appeals cases, we strive to vigorously pursue post conviction relief for our clients throughout the state of Florida and in all phases of federal collateral proceedings.  Our qualifications to handle your post conviction case are available on  The attorneys can be contacted for consultation/representation either by email, telephone, or in writing.  A representative sampling of appellate decisions from cases handled by the firm is also available for viewing on the website. 


Trial and appellate courts are always reluctant to overturn convictions.  Therefore, for those who are wrongfully or unfairly convicted and seeking post conviction relief, it is important to be represented by attorneys who are experienced and knowledgeable in post conviction matters.  It is equally important that such skilled attorneys be aggressive in seeking post conviction relief.  You would not go to a podiatrist for heart surgery.  Likewise, you should not rely on an attorney who is not knowledgeable in the postconviction field to assist you with your important post conviction claims. If you are wrongfully or unfairly convicted, or if you received ineffective assistance from your trial or appellate counsel, you want to know that your post conviction case is going to be handled properly. We have the experience and knowledge to handle all phases of post conviction relief cases in Florida and the federal courts.  We are licensed to practice in the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals for the United States and are certified to appear before the United States Supreme Court.


At Loren Rhoton P.A., we recognize that many of our clients have been dissatisfied with their prior attorneys.  As ineffective assistance of counsel is a common post conviction claim, this is not surprising.  We are sensitive to the fact that many incarcerated persons have a distrust of attorneys and want to be kept up to date on their cases. We understand that our clients want to be involved with their cases and expect their attorneys to actually listen to them.  It is our office’s policy to timely update clients on the status of their cases and promptly return phone calls regarding the clients’ cases.  It is our office’s policy to encourage our clients’ involvement with the research of their claims. We evaluate all cases at the beginning of representation so that crucial deadlines are not missed.  In short, it is the policy of our office to give our clients the high-quality, aggressive legal representation that they deserve and have every right to expect.



Aside from providing post conviction and appellate representation to Florida prisoners, Loren Rhoton, P.A., publishes the Florida Postconviction Journal, a quarterly newsletter that provides relevant legal self-help advice and information to inmates who are unable to afford private counsel.  The Florida Postconviction Journal is provided free of charge to Florida Prisoners.  Additionally, in the interest of assisting Florida prisoners with their cases, Loren Rhoton, P.A., sells copies of the legal self-help and advice book, Postconviction Relief for the Florida Prisoner.