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Gina Marie Fraga

Gina Fraga’s client reviews

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    5.0 stars

    Posted by Fiona Charles

    Consulted attorney

    My experiences with Gina has always been awesome. I have used her service in the past and so has other Family and Friends. I would use her again in the future. I would also recommend her to Family and Friends.

  • The most trustworthy Attorney.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Monica

    Gina has been a blessing to our family. She was able to help me find the solution to my immigration case.
    For the past 13 I visited many attorneys and no one was able to help me.
    Gina took the time to look into my case and find the best possible way to help me.
    I highly recommend Gina.

  • Direct and attentive

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Immigration client

    My wife and I retained Gina to file the necessary immigration paperwork so my wife could obtain her green card. From the moment we walked into her office, she treated us like family and went above and beyond the call of duty in providing us with fantastic legal representation.

  • I never would've hired her.

    1.0 star

    Posted by Adam

    This lawyer was assigned to us, unknowingly, after the lawyer I hired left the firm. Months went by and we were never even notified our attorney was gone. Though this was no fault of hers, I would think that when one is assigned a new case they would extend a courtesy call to the client. We did pay THOUSANDS of dollars. When we did finally meet questions went unanswered such as, what shots does my wife need? Answer: The doctors will know.
    Me: The doctors don't know, they said to ask our attorney.
    Answer: Find another doctor.
    Me: This is one of the doctors your firm listed, He says laws change all the time and my attorney would know.
    Answer: All the information you want can be found on the Immigration web site.
    Me: Then what do I need you for?
    Answer: You can go without me, or hire another lawyer. But the fee is paid in full

    We nearly lost our application fee and the case was nearly kicked out, until my wife mentioned that we had a 14 year old child together. The Immigration inspector then said to Gina " Shouldn't that have been the first thing you mentioned counsellor?"
    Ironically we had already suggested to her that we had a 14 year old child together, and she said it was of no importance. Very demeaning and condescending when we questioned her about the case.

    Gina Marie Fraga’s response: “Adam, I am sad to hear that you felt that way after meeting me, although I do not recall ever meeting you. I believe that you were a client of Wayne M. Levine, P.A. and I may have only been involved in accompanying you to the interview. They prepared your case and should have been able to answer all of your questions. As a client of that law office I have no access to your file to even be able to respond to your concerns and believe you should express your concerns to them since the fees were paid to them. I invite you to visit my law office which I have had since 2011, invite you to ask for referrals on my character to any of the Immigration staff at the local USCIS office or any of my colleagues so you can see that I am dedicated to zealously represent my clients. Finally, I hope that you and your wife are happily residing in the U.S. as you so desired. Regards, Gina M. Fraga Attorney at Law”
  • The only immigration attorney that realistically gave me hope.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Immigration client

    After losing faith in any sort of solution to my immigration dilemma and after being used by previous attorneys that promised unrealistic answers I could finally breathe when I met Attorney Fraga. She was completely honest and made me aware of every possible option, she took her time explaining to me and essentially educated me in the exact procedure I was about to embark. Unlike my previous lawyer, I was made aware of every step of my lengthy procedure and its risks. Unlike the attorneys I had consulted with in the area, Gina did not want me to sign a contract for a large sum. She explained to me that she would handle my case a step at a time and and proceded to compose a feasible payment plan. Now that my case is close to being done, I am nothing but thankful to this attorney who dedicates her career to help others like me and who treats you like family.

  • Nuestra familia permance unida por esta abogada

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Adriana

    La abogada Fraga siempre estuvo preparada y nos atendio personalmente durante todo nuestro caso. Tuvimos caso en corte por y por dos años ella lucho por nosotros y siempre nos mantuvo informados. Lucho para que nuestra familia permaneciera unida en los Estados Unidos y eso le debemos a ella. Tiene precios economicos y nos hizo un plan de pago. No fue facil pero ella lo logro.