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  1. My Dad passed away in Feb. leaving a $2M+ estate. My Mother probated the will last week. I was written out in 2006! Need help!

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    If your mother has mental capacity and if she is acting of her own volition, she is free to make lifetime gifts of her assets. However, you are correct that under these circumstances the transfers could be considered fraudulent. As for your father's passing, it may have been due in part to neglect but it is unlikely that would be a basis for any criminal investigation or legal action. I agree that you should probably consult a lawyer. However, the best way to try to regain your inheritance...

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  2. Does a lawyer need the original copy of the will to go to probate court?

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    The original is required unless it is lost or destroyed (other than by the decedent). You should be able to check on-line with the Clerk's office in your county to see if the Will was filed. Other answers are correct -- if you lack confidence in the lawyer and you are already having concerns, you need to hire a new lawyer. Good luck.

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