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  1. I was just sued for an accident that took place in 2008. I was given the ticket, although I was hit and my car damage...

    Answered over 3 years ago.

    1. Wayne E. Mitchell
    2. Mark Andrew Greenberg
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    Call your insurance company, asap. They have an obligation to defend you in the suit. They will pay for the attorney, and pay any judgment up to your policy limits. BUT, if you delay notifying the insurance company, they might be able to deny coverage if they can show they were prejudiced (or "harmed") by your late notice. So it is critical to call them now. If you have no insurance, then contact the Plaintiff's attorney and file a response in the court records. You file it by going to the...

  2. 9 months has passed since my accident. PIP exhausted and Im ready to settle. But for how much?

    Answered over 3 years ago.

    1. Mark Andrew Greenberg
    2. Matthew Phillip Konecky
    3. Brian Michael Hoag
    4. Julie S Luhrsen
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    Hi, there are a lot of variables to what is a "fair" or appropriate settlement. Did you have any pre-existing injuries? Are there other claimants? What is the extent of your shoulder injury? Has anyone recommended surgery for your herniated disks? You need to speak with an attorney. Most PI attorneys will offer a free consultation. A reputable PI attorney can advise you, and then if you want you can try and settle it your self or go through the attorney. Keep in mind once you settle, the case...

  3. If a bench warrant is issued in the state of California for failure to appear will I it come up in a different state?

    Answered over 3 years ago.

    1. Mark Andrew Greenberg
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    It might. The bigger question, however, is would they extradite you back to CA for a misdemeanor? It's possible, but not likely because of the cost. Best thing to to do is to contact an attorney back in CA and try and get it resolved.

  4. I read that after writing a demand letter I should send it certified mail and regular mail. My question is where do I send it

    Answered over 3 years ago.

    1. Paul Y. Lee
    2. Mark Andrew Greenberg
    3. Alisa Michele Levin
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    If it is to an insurance company, send it to the adjuster who is working on the claim. That is the best way to reach the proper person. Be sure to include the claim number, as the mail is usually delivered to a mail room, and they will cross check the name with the claim number since adjuster's often change files.