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Jessica Michelle Rose

Jessica Rose’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Dr. Juan P. Gray

    Jessica Rose is your best chance for competent legal representation.

    Attorney Jessica Rose is a true professional. The legal system asserts you are innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately in the State of Florida the contrary exist, you are guilty until proven innocent. This is the situation for citizens in my city. This ideal can only be achieved with competent legal representation. You will reach this goal with Attorney Jessica Rose.
    As a brother of a client of Attorney Rose, I personally witnessed and received positive results due to her outstanding and superb legal skills. This attorney`s tenacity to engage and encounter the legal system for citizens is nothing short of noteworthy. My brother was facing a drug charge and twenty years in prison based on distorted facts which should have yielded five years instead of twenty years at best. The State Attorney in this area is notorious for seeking maximum punishments with no possibility for rehabilitation. Justice prevailed in my brother`s case because of this attorney`s keen prospective about fairness for all. Attorney Rose aggressively attacked the facts and persuaded the Assistant State Attorney and the Judge that mercy and rehabilitation was the logical action for this person
    My brother was not a threat to society nor was a habitual criminal. Because of her sensitivity to humanity and caring attitude, she immediately discerned the over reach for punishment. Attorney Rose took the immediate legal steps to match the crime with the appropriate corrective action. Happily my brother is now in rehabilitation for eighteen months with five years of probation instead of facing twenty years in prison.
    You are innocent until proven guilty, only with competent legal representation. Attorney Jessica Rose is your best chance to achieve this legal ideal.