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  • Can I put a lien on a business entity?

    Asked by a user in Boca Raton, FL - about 3 years ago.

    My office handles both collection matters and unpaid wages matters so feel free to contact our office if you want to discuss further. Your post does not really give enough information to be able to...

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  • Tortious interference with an advantageous business relationship.

    Asked by a user in Boca Raton, FL - over 2 years ago.

    Your description of what took place is a little confusing, but feel free to contact my office to discuss further and give you some more detailed legal advice.

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  • Can an employee go out on medical leave while on a PIP issued after a formal complaint?

    Asked by a user in Nokomis, FL - about 3 years ago.

    You should seek FMLA if your employer offers FMLA and if you have worked long enough for the company. If they then fire you or refuse your leave you may have additional legal claims. FOr a summary...

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  • My employer paid me half cash and half taxable check is that illegal

    Asked by a user in Sarasota, FL - over 3 years ago.

    Not required to give you breaks. They are required to pay overtime if you work over 40 hours is a week. If they are paying half cash they are probably not paying federal and state payroll taxes...

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  • Exempt employee in Florida

    Asked by a user in Lakeland, FL - about 4 years ago.

    The fact that they are making a "supervisor" now perform non supervisor jobs may remove any exemption from overtime that they may have had for you under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). You may...

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  • Unemployment benefits

    Asked by a user in Hollywood, FL - almost 5 years ago.

    I would claim that your refusal to sign a non compete is not the type of misconduct that would justify nonpayment of unemployment. For some bloggings on this topic, check out my employee rights blog...

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  • Free consultation Miami

    Asked by a user in Miami, FL - almost 5 years ago.

    I handle legal matters in South Florida and Miami. We can speak by phone or e-mail or Skype.

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  • Re: Allocation of legal fee liability in lawsuit having Fair Debt Collection Act claims among others

    Asked by a user in Miami Beach, FL - almost 3 years ago.

    This would depend upon the causes of action asserted against the parties, most causes of action do not provide for legal fees in Florida. That would depend upon whether there is a written contract...

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  • Is this even legal?!?

    Asked by a user in West Palm Beach, FL - about 3 years ago.

    There could be a claim for violation of the ADA or Florida Civil Rights Act. You first need to file a complaint with the EEOC. If you want to learn more about the process check out our employee...

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  • Fired over a counterfeit twenty dollar bill. Do I have A case?

    Asked by a user in Tampa, FL - over 3 years ago.

    Yes appeal the decision but make sure to pay attention to the deadlines in the notices you get from unemployment. If you wish to consult about this matter, my office handles these types of...

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