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D K Kevin Dugan

About D Dugan

About me

After 20+ years of service as a social security disability Judge, I have now decided to represent clients who will appeal a denial of their social security claim. Having decided near 10,000 cases, I know what a good case requires. 

The Social Security Administration (SSA) thus far does not have the necessary resources to do the job and they are constantly questioned by Congress about their large backlogs. Owing in part to the increase in aging population, more and more social security disability claims are being filed every year. In the year 2000 alone one million disability claims were filed. Today the number of claims filed is over three million. People often wait years to get to see a Judge.

Employees of the SSA have been complaining that the agency expected them to move cases without having given them adequate time needed to prepare for each case. The National Judges Association filed a lawsuit against the agency because they believe that the push to move cases has harmed their ability to decide cases in a fair manner. Under such circumstances, the claim may be handled by a lot of people who have never seen the claimant, pushing the claim forward and out the door without any appreciation of what a particular claimant is facing.

Many individuals who deserve social security disability benefits are denied when they first apply. But individuals who appeal with an accomplished and experienced disability lawyer are more likely to succeed at the hearing level. As case loads are heavy, disability judges find it critical for cases to be presented in a coherent and persuasive manner.

Dugan Disability Law is a law firm based in Plantation, Florida. A graduate of Georgetown Law School, I am a member of the D.C.  Bar. As a Former Judge, I worked to reform the Disability System with the Commissioner of Social Security, the Social Security Advisory Board and Congress. I have been a speaker for various claimant organizations like the National Organization of Social Security Claims Representatives.

DDL (Dugan Disability Law) is and will remain a social security disability law firm providing you the personal service you deserve.  Rather than hand you off to someone who does not know you or your case, I will be personally involved in your case from consultation to final decision.


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