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Kenneth Lewis Lavan

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    Posted by John

    What a MESS

    I hired these people in dec. of 2012. Been to court was denied because my LAWYER? did not bring all the doctor reports. Then he asked for more time which pissed off the judge. I then get the report from the judges office, I had to take to a different lawyer to tell me what all that crap was about. As for calling my so called CASE WORKER, ATHLEN? SHE NEVER RETURNS PHONE CALLS. I have a letter from them telling me they have gone to the next step, appellate review? I was told by the lawyer I payed to explain the judges ruling, if all the doctors reports were turned over, I most likely would have won. I still would like to know why all reports from the many doctors ( 8 ) all told, never made it to the judge. I still cant get hired because of the drugs I have to take on a daily basis. It is getting to the point were I'M about to loose every thing. Already gave up my car to save money. I was told that when my attorney changed the date I filed this case, the judge thought it was WRONG, AND THAT WAS ONE OF THE REASONS I GOT DENIED. I was told by my lawyer that it was a good thing to do, NOT TRUE. so I say WHAT A MESS

    Kenneth Lewis Lavan’s response: “Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. I think there is some confusion regarding your case and it is important that you call us immediately. If your case is being appealed by the law firm that means the process is not over and we are still fighting for you against the Social Security Administration. Sometimes, we have to challenge the decision of the Administrative Law Judge to obtain disability benefits for our clients. LaVan and Neidenberg has an active appellate team and is frequently litigating on our clients behalf.”
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    Posted by Jim

    Really cares!

    Mr. LeVan and his team have been representing me for several years and my fight for disability benefits. I can't thank them enough for the personal hand holding and guidance through this brutal process. Finally got my disability and they are the best.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Ruth

    Thanks, guys.

    Having worked with both Ken and Adam on a professional level, I can proudly attest to their knowledge. They always return my emails promptly and provide helpful information anytime I have questions.

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    Posted by anita

    About to take my own life. Can't believe what decision they made

    I just don't understand. I have been dealing with this firm since 2013. I am really shocked and appealed by the way everything went. Had to scrape up money to catch a plane down there for court on May 11. After I was done with court she tells me if you don't hear anything in 30 days call. Been calling since June 12 2015. No return calls oh she will call you nothing until finally today after hours 5:50 PM she calls with very disturbing news. So after being told the decision I just wanted and still do take a knife thru my heart. How do they say I'm not disabled you don't know my pain you don't know what I feel and just like I told her this is gonna take me over the edge. And tell me you put in appeal for what another 20 years I may be have killed myself tonite this really hurts a lawyer is supposed to fight for you. An appeal may be to late for me. Truly disappointed. Truly truly disappointed.

    Kenneth Lewis Lavan’s response: “An unfavorable decision from an ALJ can be a devastating experience. We understand you are upset. However, we successfully lodge hundreds of appeals on an annual basis challenging unfavorable decisions by Administrative Law Judges. Just because you lose in front of an Administrative Law Judge, does not mean the process is over. Applicants for disability have rights and we work tirelessly to fight for them.”
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    Posted by a client

    paid too much to get the facts for myVA case for you not know where they are

    I understand that you all had to reconstruct your organizational structure, got it. It seem that L&N were finally on the ball, but only to find out that there is misfiled or misplaced document that I sent to you. You see after asking if all documentation been sent to VA no one seems to know. Soon after L&N sends me a CD with all of my documentation on it. I assumed that was the answer to my many non-returned phone calls. Initially, after your rebuilding the young lady assigned to my case work well with me, however not to her fault. I don’t fell she has all of the filed information for the past years. Items such as FCT that I took money out of my family’s pocket to pay for, yes hundreds of dollars to prove my case. Now don’t say you have to research this information to see if it is true. Just ask Mr. Beck_ _ who works for you I left him a message on June,23 2015 @ 3:49pm. This way you will have your facts and hopefully not respond to this until you have fixed the problem or have information on the where about of my FCT. I work with you all through your growing/ rebuilding. I need you to work with me. You have my phone No# please call me back in a timely manner and do not attack this true statement. Thanks in advance.

    Kenneth Lewis Lavan’s response: “Thank you for letting us know your concerns. We work very hard to obtain all relevant records for your claim. Sometimes records do not come to our office from various providers at the same time. In order to review the entire factual situation of the case and avoid delay in the case we try to provide the VA all relevant evidence at one time.”
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    Posted by Ken

    35 years of frustration with the VA

    For three decades I tried to have a fair and honest evaluation by the VA concerning my numerous disabilities.Years of frustration came to a head one night when I responded to an ad by Lavan/Neidenberg. A representative came to my residence with all the forms needed to get the ball rolling, and in months instead of years, justice was finally served, and I received a positive outcome.
    Dealing with the VA takes time, be patient. If you have a legitimate claim you will get results, as they stay on top of it and never missed a filing deadline. I can't thank them enough for changing my life for the better.

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    Posted by Michelle W

    Poor Communication....

    I do not recommend. I applied in 2011. I was denied once, but now I've been waiting every since with no type of information on my next move. I have been calling, leaving voice messages AND also emailed. NO REPLY!!! I have not heard from my "lawyer" since last year. I need to know my case. I believe it would have been better if I did this on my own...

    Kenneth Lewis Lavan’s response: “Your feedback is appreciated. However, the comments you entered are concerning, because they do not make sense in terms of normal disability claims processing. The fact you are saying you started a claim in 2011 and have only been denied once is not possible. When a Social Security disability claim is filed, it must go through two administrative steps: 1) initial determination; 2) reconsideration determination before a request for hearing before an Administrative Law Judge can be filed. It normally takes 3 - 6 months to get a decision at initial, 3 - 6 months at reconsideration, and then 12 - 18 months to get scheduled before an Administrative Law Judge for a hearing. When a client is retained by LaVan & Neidenberg, we help them file their initial application, we make sure they file a timely request for reconsideration, and a timely request for hearing, in addition to counseling the client on how to improve their case. We develop the case file after a request for hearing is filed and prepare the client for how to successfully litigate a Social Security disability hearing. I encourage you to contact the law firm immediately. Based on your comments, it sounds like your case is closed and has been for some time. We can advise you on what rights you have and what, if any, steps can be taken.”
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    Posted by Anita


    I know that it takes awhile for SSD to begin....but I do know some people that was with your firm and started receiving benefits within 3 months...and they did not have to attend a hearing....I chose this firm because I had heard a lot of positive feedback...I must say not in my case...I have spoken with my case manager Becky and must say she has been patient as I vent to her about how long it is taking...But from my side if i still have to wait approx. 18-24 months for a hearing, I might as well do it myself...I can get my medical records and just wait it out....I thought getting a lawyer would speed up my time for a hearing...I don't really have anything to negative or positive to say because.... I am just waiting...I submitted my papers with your firm December 17 and I filed with Social Security in February doctors are waiting to receive papers from your firm to complete but nothing has been mailed to them yet....looks like everybody is waiting...I must compliment the caseworker Betsy she listens and she does return my calls...,just wish I could my hearing scheduled..

    Kenneth Lewis Lavan’s response: “We appreciate the feedback. Individuals applying for disability often express frustration with the wait time associated with their claims. Every claim is different and claims in the disability process are handled by different people. Unfortunately, this can lead to different results and different processing times even for similarly situated claimants. To make matters worse, every region is comprised of different hearing offices which process claims at varying speeds. We always inform our clients that the disability process can be a long and hard fight. We are successful in our practice because we prepare our clients and their cases for that fight. Indeed, we are in the same boat as our clients: we also have to wait the process out. We do not make hollow promises that our client's claims will be sped up if they obtain representation from our law firm. This is because we know that an expedited hearing is only possible if you meet 1 of 2 legal criteria. First, SSA creates an expedited pathway to a hearing by a process called "dire need". Dire need will be authorized if any of the following can be substantiated by concrete evidence: 1) inability to obtain food or shelter; 2) your condition is terminal; 3) you are a documented danger to your self or others. The other pathway to an expedited claim is if you are 100% service connected veteran of the United States Military. I strongly encourage you to contact the law firm and ask to speak with an attorney who can better explain the process. If the only reason you obtained an attorney is to speed things up, then you are failing to see the complicated bureaucracy against which you are struggling. These cases are much more than simply filing papers and obtaining medical records. We understand your frustration, but candidly, your frustration is misdirected here. I assure you, if we had a mechanism to put you at the front of the waiting line, you would be there.”
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    Posted by Donald

    Terrible Communication/ Knowledge of Case

    18 months in and have talked to case worker maybe 3-4 times most of which I have initiated. Since my second denial I am now awaiting my court date with my new case worker aphlene?, I have not had one call, I have talked to her maybe twice when I call (have to wait up to 3 days for call back according to the VM ) have had two letters from odar but nothing from her saying she is aware (is she?) The last one from alj in Baltimore needing documents to expedite my case(have my local congressman via liaison) case will be in Tampa via video would be great if you all are as up to date as I am ..... I already had to go get all of my own medical records and mail to you even signed several forms for you to do so?, do I get any live communication as to the hearing? Who will be there with me?, what do they do?, what do I do?, can I bring a personal witness (wife)?, or do I show up and find out who's with me? Can I have a better case worker( more responsive) not blaming time length on you, but communication is really bad!! I often wonder if your disability case loads are too many? Waiting until after hearing for a more accurate review. Crowley 5653 all info on file, really hope I haven't made a bad choice this is my life at stake.

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    Posted by Carey

    Would not reccomend

    It has now been two years. I was aware disability would be a lengthy process. due to another hearing in another county for an unrelated case, I was not able to attend my hearing for disability. The caseworker was aware, and I even asked if I should reschedule my other case to be there. I was told my hearing for disability would be continued. It wasn't, I was not there to appear and NEITHER was the attorney. My case was dismissed. Then I'm informed the judge is now requesting additional information from SSI, yet the caseworker is telling me my case is being transferred to the county I now live in, since over six months ago the firm never informed SSA I had moved. I have left several messages for the caseworker, no response back. No I have not missed a call, received any emails or letters. They just DO NOT respond! I have no idea where my claim stands, and at what stage of the process I am at.

    Kenneth Lewis Lavan’s response: “We appreciate your comments. We encourage you to contact the law firm so that we may discuss the details regarding this case. Since we do not have the specifics, I can only respond generally to your comments. In most instances, Administrative Law Judges (ALJ) will schedule hearings months in advance of hearing. Since the hearing is scheduled with advance notice, if a client fails to appear, the ALJ may dismiss your claim. Every ALJ applies this standard differently. Some ALJ's will automatically dismiss a case for failing to appear, other ALJ's will provide an opportunity to provide good cause for failing to appear. We inform ALL our clients of these very real legal possibilities. We routinely file requests for continuance if our clients cannot attend the hearing. It sounds like from your feedback that we did file a request for continuance which was denied by the judge. Notwithstanding the denial by the judge, your feedback indicates you still chose not to appear at your hearing. There still may be appellate remedies available. Again, we encourage you to contact the law firm because even though you failed to appear at your schedule hearing, we may be able to fight to keep your claim alive.”