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Deborah Ann Byles

Deborah Byles’s client reviews

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  • Deborah is a fantastic mediator

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Stephanie

    Hired attorney

    I am an attorney who used Deborah as a mediator and she is a very knowledgeable attorney, really understood the issues both legally and in the best interest of this particular family . Highly recommend as either attorney or mediator!

  • The Calm in My Storm...

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sandra

    No one wants to hire an attorney, much less a divorce attorney. It is probably one of the most emotional moments of your life, and there you are, having to face making decisions in the midst of a storm, and ultimately, the upheaval of your life, and family as you know it. Mrs. Byles was my saving grace! In a sea of lawyers that are shady at best, Mrs. Byles is a beacon of integrity and ethics set to a higher standard. Fierce, Firm and Fair!!! She is a straight shooter and only has her client's best interest at heart. If you have children, she becomes their advocate as well. Divorce has a way of turning you upside down, inside out and clueless as to what the next step at rebuilding your life needs to be. Mrs. Byles is a compassionate, caring attorney who puts the humanity back into her profession. I honestly feel blessed to have found her. She became the calm in my storm, advising, guiding, and informing me of my options and rights, but never lost sight that this was my battle. She was my advocate and I felt protected every step of the way. I was fully informed and now armed with the knowledge to make the best decisions for me and my family. There are no words to truly describe what an asset she is to the legal community, and to those who are looking for an honest, moral attorney to help guide them to the next phase of their lives. 100%... I would recommend her to my family and friends!

  • Highly recommended

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mark

    Deborah was very helpful throughout my case. I felt that she was truly concerned about my daughter and I. She went above and beyond what I expected and is truly a great person. Her entire staff is very helpful and considerate. We have recommended her services to a friend and will do so in the future.

  • Personalized case management services

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Cathryn

    Ms. Byles and her team were always consummate professionals in dealing with my case. She often went above and beyond to make sure I was kept abreast of all the details of my case and what to expect from the opposing counsel every step of the process. I would highly recommend her as I feel she truly personalizes each case keeping the best interests of her clients in mind.

  • Outstanding

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Deborah is a caring and dedicated attorney. She always put my best interest first.

  • Best Caring Divorce & Mediator Attorney - Deborah Ann Byles

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Andrea Williams

    I am delighted to have this opportunity to not only thank Deborah Ann Blyes and her firm publicly but to let her know how thankful I am for her services during the time I spent with her and her firm - Felix and Joe! This firm gave me a new life!

    Deborah Ann Byles and her firm , are not only professional but caring. Her firm came highly recommended by a personal friend and I am extremely THANKFUL and gratified by all that they do as a team for my divorce. I had a difficult, stressful and painful divorce but they made me believe there was life after divorce. They were my rock during my difficult journey and I have never regretted meeting her team. They DELIVERED. And I know you may say, yes that's their job, but she KNOWS divorce law. Dotting every "i" and crossing every "t".

    Deborah and her firm, are fair, honest and will advise you according to the law, what you cannot do or have; and I know each case is different, but they gave me life again, when my other party wanted me to have nothing.

    The day I went into her office, I did not know what to expect. Their office is professionally homely and they sat with me and explain the process of my divorce. There were no unexpected surprises, her responses to filing was so quick, that by the time I got home from her office, I had a copy of any paper work that was filed in my email box. I like that she kept me in the loop on EVERYTHING. She has GREAT negotiating skills - and I will say again, she is a GREAT negotiator. Thank you Deborah!

    For any meetings or court appearance, they are on time. I got reminders to appear and through the most difficult time of my life, the 6 months I spent with her firm, they became my family.

    Deborah cares about you, it not about the money for her, she genuinely cares about your well being and through my struggles and sadness, my case was not just a case, she genuinely cared.

    If you are getting a divorce or need a family mediator, do not hesitate to contact Deborah Ann Blyes, I can reassure you, you WILL NOT be disappointed. She will get you results ( within reasons to your case).

    I do believe it doesn't matter if you are a male or female, you will get the same treatment for your case. She is fair - things I wanted she advised me if it was possible or not according to the law. Anyone I know going through a divorce, I am proud to recommend her to anyone and everyone. There are many lawyers out there, but there is only one Deborah Ann Byles.

    She knew how vulnerable and weak I was but TODAY, I stand strong, confident and empowered as she gave me and my children a new life, a new beginning.

    Thank you Deborah Ann Byles and your firm.