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Above all things, Mr. Foley believes in God.  He believes that all things are possible through Christ, the Son.  Mr. Foley's beliefs give him hope and with hope solutions arise.   Mr. Foley considers himself a baby Christian.  He does not quote the bible on a regular basis and his knowledge of the bible is elementary. Mr. Foley is far from perfect and will be the first to admit his imperfections. However, Mr. Foley is aware of the blessings he has received in his life and those blessings are what enable him to successfully help others.  Mr. Foley is a Christian Lawyer.


Regardless of the type of charges you are facing, as Mr. Foley's client your case  will receive his personal care and attention, along with a vigorous and experienced advocacy.  Our motto is:


We Don't Judge- We DEFEND!®



Mr. Foley's clients are always first.  They can rely on him to do everything legally possible to win.  Mr. Foley will be the first to tell you he is not a hand holder-he is a soldier going to war on your behalf.  If you hire him, then trust him, relax and let him do the work for you.


He understands the confusion and embarrassment an arrest can bring and attempts to make his clients as comfortable as possible throughout the case.  Lets face it nobody sleeps like a baby when they have a criminal case pending but when you hire the right attorney you know it and breathing becomes easier.  After reviewing all the discovery he meets with his client to discuss his analysis of the case and what he believes to be the best approach to a positive result.  

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