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Robert B Judd

Robert Judd’s client reviews

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  • What a total & complete honor it has been to have Mr. Judd as our trusted and respected litigator for 13 + years and counting

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Warren

    To Whom It May Concern,
    Mr. Judd has represented three generations of my family over the past decade in complex adversarial and transaction matters. His advocacy and legal skills are first rate and we could not be more satisfied and pleased with his representation.
    Mr. Judd is one of the few attorneys I have worked with over the years who is responsive, prompt, caring, efficient and most important is results oriented. His fees are very comparable to other attorneys in my area since I work in a line of business that has me working with attorneys in all the different fields of law. I have referred Mr. Judd to many of my friends, neighbors, clients and colleagues all of whom have thanked me for referring them such an outstanding person and attorney. I can honestly say from past and present conversations with my family and those that have hired Mr. Judd all agree that knowing he is there as our trusted advisor if any new matters should ever happen, has all of us sleeping very soundly at night knowing whole-heartedly that he will be there to successfully handle the situation with swiftness, knowledge, class and most importantly with the highest and greatest professionalism.
    Words alone cannot express the gratitude I have for Mr. Judd for helping us with all of our legal matters and concerns over the years.

  • This lawyer is not competent for trial work

    1.0 star

    Posted by Bill

    Robert Judd handled a probate case for my sister and me. Before we hired him, he stated he was an experienced trial lawyer. It seemed pretty clear during the course of the litigation that he had little or no experience with trials. This was especially glaring in the way he allowed himself to be bullied and have his lines of questioning derailed during depositions. He consented to allowing the defendants' witnesses to appear by videotaped deposition instead of live in court, then neglected to arrange for the videotaping and, during the depositions, failed to ask many of the questions critical to the case.

    He filed what should have been a single complaint with two claims for relief as two, separate complaints, thereby multiplying his fee.

    He specifically stated in one of the complaints that we did not have a claim against Merrill Lynch -- thereby trashing our claim against probably the key defendant in the case.

    He was, on top of this, the single most expensive lawyer I ever dealt with. During the course of our representation he moved to another firm, thereby dramatically increasing his billing rate. HE DID NOT INFORM US OF HIS INCREASED RATE. Despite a firm understanding before we hired him as to the amount of money we had at our disposal, he ran through the entire amount very early in the course of representing us, then used our lack of money as an excuse to attempt to drop us as clients. When I asked what he expected the remaining cost of pursuing our claim to be, he replied with what looked to me like patently inflated estimates designed to scare us off as clients. Looking back, I believe he knew he had dug such a hole by that point that victory was impossible and wanted out of the case.

    By any measure, my sister and I had an adequate amount of money to finance this case when we set out. In fact, we had about 50% more money than Mr Judd told us we would need. Even disregarding the Merrill-Lynch issue and the amateurishly-botched depositions, by his billing practices he ran through this money so quickly that he made a viable case untenable.

    It may be that Robert Judd is competent in other aspects of probate law, I have no idea, but given the way he handled our case, I do not consider him either trustworthy or competent, and I would not recommend that anyone employ his services.

    Robert B Judd’s response: “My experience with Robert is completely the opposite of this. In my experience, he has the highest degree of judgment and persuasiveness in the courtroom, and enjoys the confidence of the bench more than any other attorney I know. His rate is in the upper end of the scale, but you get what you pay for and he is very efficient with his time.”