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  • I think my obgyn performed a malpractice during my pregnancy and during my labor. How can i know ?

    It all started when i was being induced and a nurse mentions that since i tested positive for group b strept they'd have to start me on peninsulin .i was surprised because until just then i had not even heard of me testing positive for anything!i...

    Angelo’s Answer

    I agree. Unless there was an injury to you or your child, there may have been negligence but you have no damages.

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  • Can a creditor sue me for unpaid credit card charges from 13 years ago?

    A guy called my whole family looking for me saying I'm being sued and I called the guy and he says he's a debt negotiator and that he's going to serve me papers for a debt from 13 years ago I asked him to send me info on what I owed money for and ...

    Angelo’s Answer

    all of the above answers are right on. I would suggest you see a consumer lawyer who handles these matters. It appears there have been multiple violations of law here. Get the names and addresses of those people contacted by the collector so that you have evidence he/she violated the law.

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  • The question is can our bank continued to put already paid credit card balances on our credit report.

    My husband has as a secured credit card through our bank and the bank keeps placing credit card charges that have already been paid on our credit report> Do we have any legal recourse?

    Angelo’s Answer

    You may have a Fair Credit Act claim. See a Lawyer who handles these claims. You will need to pull your credit report for the lawyer.

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  • Judgment was entered by a collection agency many years they then sold the debt to someone else. Is the judgment still valid? or

    Selling of debt is judgment still valid

    Angelo’s Answer

    One can assign and or sell a judgment. Collection companies buy debts all the time. They are referred to as "Bottom Feeders, " since they will buy debts no on else wants and use strong arm tactics to get the debts paid. Consumer lawyers who specialize in representing consumers rarely lose to these Bottom Feeders.

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  • How can I appeal a judgement for court papers I was never given?

    I just pulled a credit report and found a judgement in 2011 for the amount of $1400 plus attorney costs and interest that was filed against me. The court papers were sent to an address that I had not resided at since 2009 and I had absolutely no i...

    Angelo’s Answer

    First, you need to act immediately if you wish to set aside the judgment. It can be done if you act immediately. You will need to prove that you did not live at the address at the time of the service of the documents --complaint and summons. You should hire an attorney to file a motion to set aside the judgment and set it for hearing as soon as possible. You will need to sign an affidavit stating you were not at that address and were never served. The more evidence the better. If I were handling the case, I would require you to obtain the complete court file to review. Expect a fee for the service. Even if the facts are on your side, there is in guarantee of success.

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  • Are jointly held accounts between spouses immune from collection of a foreign judgment?

    I own property in Georgia and Florida but I am a Florida resident. I have been involved in a lawsuit against my homeowners association for A property I used to own in Georgia. I initiated the lawsuit but now they are trying to collect attorneys f...

    Angelo’s Answer

    See on garnishment.

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  • SMS message sent to me but not for me saying money owed

    5 months ago I offered a birthday gift for Jen. It was for a service at a specific company. But it was a one time payment, as a birthday gift. I made it clear, nor did I sign any agreement that stated otherwise. A month afterward, I stopped talkin...

    Angelo’s Answer

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    Anything is possible, especially when it comes to collection agencies. If it is seeking a claim for a debt against you, they must send you a letter within 5 days ( see 15 USC 1692g). I would send them a cease and desist letter once you find out who is calling you. If it violates the letter, you have a claim. Certainly Jen has a claim. , see www.conusrmerLawyer for me information.

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  • Discover card sued me in court and a disposition was entered against me and I was never served. What are my options?

    On 8/12/14 DIscover Card opened a civil case against me. I was never served but a judgement was entered against me. What is my recourse since I was never served any papers. I found out about the case via solicitation from an attorney.

    Angelo’s Answer

    You need to immediately seek an attorney to set aside the the default judgment. You will need to get a copy of the complete court file for the attorney to review to see what occurred re service etc. See AVVO for a consumer lawyer.

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  • How many times can a credit collection agency attempt to collect a debt? if i respond every time to the letter, can they dirty

    I received a letter 5 months ago from a collection agency with the common headline" this is an attempt to collect a debt. blah blah, blah. you have 30 days to respond etc, etc. ... " I responded and i thought they went away. today they sent the s...

    Angelo’s Answer

    They will attempt to collect a debt and to pay it with the statute of limitations runs on the debt. I suggest you do a verification letter. See below.
    (a) Notice of debt; contents
    Within five days after the initial communication with a consumer in connection with the collection of any debt, a debt collector shall, unless the following information is contained in the initial communication or the consumer has paid the debt, send the consumer a written notice containing—
    (1) the amount of the debt;
    (2) the name of the creditor to whom the debt is owed;
    (3) a statement that unless the consumer, within thirty days after receipt of the notice, disputes the validity of the debt, or any portion thereof, the debt will be assumed to be valid by the debt collector;
    (4) a statement that if the consumer notifies the debt collector in writing within the thirty-day period that the debt, or any portion thereof, is disputed, the debt collector will obtain verification of the debt or a copy of a judgment against the consumer and a copy of such verification or judgment will be mailed to the consumer by the debt collector; and
    (5) a statement that, upon the consumer’s written request within the thirty-day period, the debt collector will provide the consumer with the name and address of the original creditor, if different from the current creditor.
    (b) Disputed debts
    If the consumer notifies the debt collector in writing within the thirty-day period described in subsection (a) of this section that the debt, or any portion thereof, is disputed, or that the consumer requests the name and address of the original creditor, the debt collector shall cease collection of the debt, or any disputed portion thereof, until the debt collector obtains verification of the debt or a copy of a judgment, or the name and address of the original creditor, and a copy of such verification or judgment, or name and address of the original creditor, is mailed to the consumer by the debt collector. Collection activities and communications that do not otherwise violate this subchapter may continue during the 30-day period referred to in subsection (a) unless the consumer has notified the debt collector in writing that the debt, or any portion of the debt, is disputed or that the consumer requests the name and address of the original creditor. Any collection activities and communication during the 30-day period may not overshadow or be inconsistent with the disclosure of the consumer’s right to dispute the debt or request the name and address of the original creditor.

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  • I am being sued by a 3rd party regarding a credit card debt. I have not been served yet but they are leaving flyers on my door?

    I am being sued by a 3rd party for a credit card debt, but I have not been served. They keep leaving flyers on my door. Should I contact the server or should I wait for them to serve me. I have a pre-trial hearing in August. If they don't serve...

    Angelo’s Answer

    First determine how old is the debt, when last payment was made, is the plaintiff the original creditor, and did the plaintiff attach all of the required information, such as the credit card agreement, bills, etc. Many times suits are brought that are unenforceable.
    Sometimes it is best to see an attorney. A few hundred dollars for simple advice can go a long way. Many times a consumer lawyer can handle the case for no fees of limited fees and get the rest from the creditor. Good luck!

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