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Adrian Philip Thomas

Adrian Thomas’s client reviews

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  • From my personal experience - Make Adrian Thomas’s law firm your first and last stop

    5.0 stars

    Posted by James

    My case involved a brother who exploited my elderly mother stricken with dementia by undue influence, improper exercise of durable power of attorney (DPOA) fiduciary authority, altering a JTWROS deed to have my mother’s interest quit claimed to himself with full assistance of one of Florida’s largest law firms who represented both my mother and brother which clearly presented a conflict of interest. After retaining two different local attorneys initially, the second attorney filed a complaint whereby statute I had no standing to bring suit (only a PR can bring suit and this case had to be dismissed) resulting in a dead end position for my case. After questioning his inability and ineptness he filed motion to withdraw as counsel. The opposing large law firm used tactics to skirt the law by filing counter complaints using false allegations to the extreme legal limits if not beyond. It was during my initial consultation with Adrian lasting two hours that I realized I was finally in the right place because he demonstrated an exceedingly high level of comprehension, asked meticulous questions and then provided lightning fast legal responses. As a result he immediately laid out what strategy we should follow. Adrian said “this will be your last stop because if we can’t prevail no other firm will either”. It says volumes about capability and confidence. Adrian quickly realized it would require a new counter claim to defeat the motion to dismiss. It was risky and our only option in order to neutralize their ability to dismiss. The objective was to put us back in the offensive to continue and it was a brilliant and creative move. I received a call the second day after I hired the law firm from associate attorney Sean who had already reviewed all the filings, read my ten page historical narrative, chronology of events and conferred with Adrian to determine the next step and strategies. From this point I felt confident for the first time. If one has capabilities like Adrian then it goes without saying he hires only top notch staff to represent his firm and certainly Sean filled the bill. Sean was always available to take my calls during or after hours, respond quickly to emails, ability to patiently explain legal terms and the intent of the actions and the pros and cons of anticipated results. Weekly round table staff meetings were held for the purpose to discuss the various cases and progress, new strategies, etc. Every step of the way Adrian was involved and his associate attorneys would always confer with him on approaches along with all proposed filings being reviewed prior to transmittal. Adrian’s firm uses timing to their advantage to optimize results legally and financially. For the next nine months through tedious scrutiny of new discovery and numerous financial and medical subpoenas the opposing counsel relents and agrees to mediation. Adrian’s firm works effectively to minimize the costs to the client, is personally involved with the client’s best interest and emotions, and uses the optimal strategies to obtain a monetary settlement by paying attention to the overall cost (i.e., cost benefit analysis towards monetary recovery). Existing law partner Robert Trinkler another highly knowledgeable and motivated attorney at month ten takes on the project and doesn’t charge for his time to come up to speed on the case which at this time completely filled one drawer cabinet from front to back. During mediation Robert’s goal was to obtain the optimal money award in which he demonstrated a skillful and offensive position not allowing the other firm to settle on anything they proposed. For twelve grueling hours even at the risk of having the mediation spill over into day two Robert successfully prevailed. Although it was grueling long journey lengthened and complicated by two other firms Adrian’s firm came through. Don’t make the same mistake I initially made….make Adrian Thomas’s law firm your first and last stop.

  • So Grateful For All the Help From Mr. Thomas and His Firm

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jayne

    Having worked in a profession for twenty-five years that put me in daily contact with attorneys, I had a good idea of what qualities I expected in an attorney for my own probate issues. After much research and interviewing of potential attorneys, I chose the law firm of Adrian Thomas. Mr. Thomas has a reputation among people involved in the judicial system for being knowledgeable, and of being a skilled, tenacious litigator. He also has a reputation for integrity and empathy. The attorneys that work for Mr. Thomas possess the same qualities of expertise and commitment to their clients that he has. Their primary focus is on protecting the rights of their clients.
    A few years into my case, Mr. Thomas realized that there would not be enough money to cover their bill in full. He could have dropped me as a client at that point, but he didn’t. He and his associates continued to fight for me. Throughout eight years of court battles, Mr. Thomas and his associates proved that their interest was in justice rather than in fees. His support staff is wonderful, too. One of the best decisions I ever made was hiring Mr. Thomas and his firm.

  • If keen insight is what you need...

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sean

    Adrian is very knowledgeable, with a wealth of experience. His hands on representation is assured if he is your counselor. He is extremely professional and so is everyone on his staff.
    Adrian will address every question you might have and will take the time to explain things in a very straight forward manner. We are very happy with the way he represented us, we were very confidant every step of the way. The result of his representation was everything we expected and more. He got us the deal we wanted!!

  • I am so happy I hired this Law Firm

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Steven

    I hired Adrian to help me with my parent’s estate. Adrian and his firm and the service they provided me were 5-stars all around. He was very knowledgeable about my case and that helped me out great deal. Before I spoke to Adrian, I spoke to a couple of other attorneys about my case. I WAS SO CONFUSED!!!!! When I spoke to Adrian, he made my case very easy, if I had a question I could always email him or call him and he would respond fast. Adrian always kept me informed and up-to-date about my case which allowed me to stay on top of my case. I recommend Adrian to anyone who has an estate problem that needs to be litigated, you will not be disappointed.

  • Saved our Business from other attorneys, that were trying to still our Business afrter 35 years of running it succefully

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Steven&Robin

    Always hands on,great Lawyer and Indivduale that takes pride in what he does protecting people whom do not understand the probate law. and the ways of people after a death and the staff were always there to discuss any questions we had.Staff is number 1. Go Team

  • When only the best will do BAR NONE

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Eileen

    I hired Adrian after a former attorney dropped representation of my case. I sued my brothers for undue influence under my Mother's Trust. This was a complicated case that involved multi - jurisdictions over 3 states. Adrian worked tirelessly with my attorneys in Ohio and Washington uncovering the twisted journey and (financial and psychological) exploitation of our Mother who had Alzheimer's. Adrian uncovered the medical records of my Mother and medical malpractice cases against my brother who was the executor of the estate and fiduciary who engaged with my other brother in a two-step complicated process with my Mother to disinherit my children and me between the lawyers in Ohio and Florida. Adrian was able to show through meticulous discovery, depositions, pleadings, skill in negotiations that Adrian is a master and is the finest of attorneys. He is not an average attorney. He and his team is what you hire when it is imperative you prevail. My journey was arduous and very expensive but I won. Adrian has tremendous legal ability but he also has patience, psychological gifts, tenacity, attention to detail, fairness. I recommend him without reservation.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Scotty

    Its nice to know there really are lawyers out there who care about there client. Adrian Thomas and his staff have been there for me from day one , This is one law firm you can count on. Adrian and his staff will stick by your side till justice prevails ,and i just wanted to take this moment to thank Adrian from the bottom of my heart ,i could not have made this past three years without you and your staff
    thank you

  • Shop around...before hiring Mr Thomas

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Trusts client

    Mr Thomas initially is very impressive, however once you hire him, he shuffles your case on to his associates and you never hear from him again.
    It's kind of a bait and switch, at least that's how I felt.
    And now 2 years later and 50 k billed in fees, I still have no results. I feel bamboozled.